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Caspian Sunrise PLC Market & Company News

20.06.2024 15:48URAH, SIV, SQZUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
14.06.2024 12:03CASPIN BRIEF: Caspian Sunrise notes reserve estimate at AirshagylAlliance
14.06.2024 10:42CASPReserve updateRNS
03.06.2024 09:21CASP2024 AGMRNS
14.05.2024 16:53GTLY, RBG, PENEARNINGS AND TRADING: Various Eateries and Luceco see sales climbAlliance
14.05.2024 07:00CASPProposed Sale of the BNG shallow structuresRNS
25.04.2024 13:08CASPGeneral Meeting ResultsRNS
24.04.2024 07:00CASPIssue of Equity and Option AwardsRNS
08.04.2024 14:30CASPCaspian Sunrise seeks to acquire "less challenging" oil licences Alliance
08.04.2024 07:00CASPProposed Acquisition, Rule 9 Waiver and GM NoticeRNS
25.03.2024 11:44CASPIN BRIEF: Caspian Sunrise considers sale of BNG contract areaAlliance
25.03.2024 10:55AEO, IMM, CASPAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: ImmuPharma order doubles; Aeorema swings to lossAlliance
25.03.2024 07:00CASPStrategic & Operational UpdateRNS
16.02.2024 16:27CASPIN BRIEF: Caspian Sunrise MJF Well 142 returns to productionAlliance
16.02.2024 07:00CASPBNG Operational updateRNS
21.12.2023 15:02CASPCaspian Sunrise shares fall as interval tested at well not commercialAlliance
21.12.2023 07:00CASPOperational UpdateRNS
31.10.2023 14:26CYAN, BEM, CASPTRADING UPDATES: Zotefams wins Nike deal; Serinus in licence extensionAlliance
31.10.2023 07:00CASPOperational updateRNS
25.09.2023 10:38CASPCaspian Sunrise interim results weakened by sanctions on RussiaAlliance
25.09.2023 07:00CASPInterim results for six months ended 30 June 2023RNS
31.07.2023 13:32EPWN, ING, CASPTRADING UPDATES: Ingenta to meet expectations; Glantus beating themAlliance
31.07.2023 12:49CASPGM resultsRNS
31.07.2023 07:00CASPGeneral Meeting & BNG and Caspian Explorer updatesRNS
11.07.2023 12:50CASPHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
10.07.2023 07:00CASPBoard change, Posting of the 2022 ResultsRNS
07.07.2023 10:37HE1, QED, APTAAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: Aptamer shares claw back some lost groundAlliance
07.07.2023 09:49CASPCaspian Sunrise jumps 60% as share resume trading after earnings outAlliance
07.07.2023 07:30CASPRestoration- Caspian Sunrise plcRNS
07.07.2023 07:00CASPAnnual Report for the Year Ended 31 December 2022RNS
03.07.2023 07:30CASPSuspension - Caspian Sunrise plcRNS
30.06.2023 15:51CASPAGM resultsRNS
30.06.2023 10:50CASPCaspian Sunrise shares slump as rules out more dividends for 2023Alliance
30.06.2023 07:00CASPAGM StatementRNS
23.06.2023 15:51CHSS, URAH, STGUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
12.06.2023 11:55CASPCaspian Sunrise sells 50% of Caspian Explorer; well hit by sanctionsAlliance
12.06.2023 07:00CASP50% Sale of Caspian Explorer & Operational UpdateRNS
01.06.2023 09:26CASPAGM and 2022 Accounts updateRNS
07.03.2023 17:11ARB, CASP, CVCGTRADING UPDATES: Caspian Sunrise signs charter contract, eyes furtherAlliance
07.03.2023 07:00CASPCaspian Explorer contract signed & Dividend updateRNS
20.02.2023 13:26CASPIN BRIEF: Caspian Sunrise says 2024 charter agreement terms finalisedAlliance
20.02.2023 07:00CASPCaspian Explorer update & Dividend updateRNS
30.01.2023 12:12CASPCaspian Sunrise notes oil flow at deep well 802 before completionAlliance
30.01.2023 07:00CASPDeep well updateRNS
16.01.2023 16:40CASPSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
16.01.2023 16:35CASPPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
16.01.2023 14:05CASPSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
16.01.2023 14:00CASPPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
16.01.2023 11:51CASPIN BRIEF: Caspian Sunrise shares up on tender win to drill wellAlliance
16.01.2023 11:05CASPSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
16.01.2023 11:00CASPPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
16.01.2023 07:00CASPTender UpdateRNS
12.01.2023 07:00CASPThird Monthly Dividend DeclarationRNS
22.12.2022 10:51CASPCaspian Sunrise expecting deep well drilling results by end of JanuaryAlliance
22.12.2022 08:14CASPOperational UpdateRNS
05.12.2022 07:00CASPSecond Monthly Dividend DeclarationRNS
07.11.2022 10:47RDT, CASP, PAYAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: PayPoint buys Appreciate; Joules sinksAlliance
04.11.2022 11:04ENW, THR, CASPAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: Enwell loses Ukraine license; Thor strikes goldAlliance
04.11.2022 10:58CASPCaspian Sunrise shares soar on plan to avoid Russia price discountAlliance
26.09.2022 13:38SAV, CMET, LLAIEARNINGS UPDATES: Devolver Digital and Jangada swing to interim lossAlliance
27.06.2022 11:29BIG, INSP, CASPAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: CareTech accepts offer; Caspian loss widens Alliance
27.06.2022 10:30CASPCaspian Sunrise shares fall as it doubles loss in 2021 on impairmentAlliance
23.06.2022 16:02VAL, TRN, TRPUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
22.06.2022 12:16CASPIN BRIEF: Caspian Sunrise cancels share premium to pay dividendsAlliance
06.06.2022 11:21CASPCaspian Sunrise starts drilling new deep well; suffers price discountAlliance
30.05.2022 12:25CASPCaspian Sunrise confirms it's unaffected by windfall tax, shares riseAlliance
25.05.2022 12:06CASPCaspian Sunrise says its Well 142 workover has been successful Alliance
25.05.2022 11:22RQIH, TGP, NWTAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: R&Q falls as suitor looks to back out of buyAlliance
07.04.2022 22:02PTAL, MAI, CDGPTRADING UPDATES: Capita wins contract extension; RM notes challengesAlliance
05.04.2022 20:45PRIM, CASP, ADVTTRADING UPDATES: Rambler ups production; SRT Marine anticipates lossAlliance
09.03.2022 19:28CASPIN BRIEF: Caspian Sunrise converts debt into shares; no Russia falloutAlliance
21.09.2021 07:00CASPInterim ResultsRNS
18.08.2021 12:03CASPTotal Voting RightsRNS
06.08.2021 07:00CASPStrategic, Financial, Operational UpdateRNS
27.07.2021 13:11CASPCompany’s first horizontal well is successfulRNS
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