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Diaceutics PLC Market & Company News

11.07.2024 07:00DXRXSenior Management AppointmentsRNS
01.07.2024 07:00DXRXPDMR Shareholding/SIP and Total Voting RightsRNS
24.06.2024 13:15DXRXResult of AGMRNS
17.06.2024 15:53CHSS, TRIN, THGUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
13.06.2024 07:00DXRX"Precision Medicine in Oncology " Virtual EventReach
07.06.2024 10:07DXRX, YOUIN BRIEF: YouGov brings Diaceutics Chair Deborah Davis onto boardAlliance
06.06.2024 07:00DXRXDiaceutics - Capital Markets EventRNS
29.05.2024 08:00DXRXNotice of AGM and Posting of Annual ReportRNS
28.05.2024 08:54IPF, DXRX, SREIN BRIEF: Sirius Real Estate Non-Exec Director James Peggie to resignAlliance
28.05.2024 07:00DXRXData to be Presented at 2024 ASCO Annual MeetingRNS
24.05.2024 15:01DXRXPDMR Shareholding/SIP and Total Voting RightsRNS
24.05.2024 11:08GETB, MRL, ATYMDIRECTOR DEALINGS: Michael Ashcroft ups stake in Marlowe to 16%Alliance
23.05.2024 07:00DXRXDirector / PDMR ShareholdingRNS
21.05.2024 16:27WRKS, DXRX, TPTEARNINGS AND TRADING: Topps Tiles in strategic shift as swings to lossAlliance
21.05.2024 07:00DXRXRevenue growth of 22% & order book growth of 57%RNS
16.05.2024 14:32AREC, IKA, GILDEARNINGS AND TRADING: Michelmersh continues with positive order intakeAlliance
16.05.2024 07:00DXRXTwo New Enterprise-Wide EngagementsRNS
14.05.2024 16:18SMIN, PNN, SSPGUK earnings, trading statements calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
14.05.2024 07:00DXRXDiaceutics - Capital Markets EventRNS
01.05.2024 07:00DXRXNotice of Results & PresentationsRNS
30.04.2024 07:00DXRXPDMR Shareholding/SIP and TVRRNS
09.04.2024 07:00DXRXAppointment of Amie Mc Neice as VP of MarketingRNS
05.04.2024 13:40DXRXBlock Listing ReturnRNS
03.04.2024 07:00DXRXPDMR Shareholding/Share Incentive PlanRNS
02.04.2024 19:02KBT, JAY, EQTTRADING UPDATES: Roadside shares suspended; Adnams looks for fundsAlliance
02.04.2024 07:00DXRXDirector/PDMR/PCA Shareholding & TR1RNS
21.03.2024 13:58DXRXDiaceutics upgrades diagnositc commercialisation platform, DXRXAlliance
21.03.2024 07:00DXRXSignificant upgrade to Diaceutics' DXRX platformReach
19.03.2024 07:00DXRXDiaceutics forms landmark industry ForumReach
07.03.2024 07:00DXRXDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
01.03.2024 09:00DXRXPDMR Shareholding / SIP and TVRRNS
27.02.2024 14:18CDL, DXRX, UOGTRADING UPDATES: Sondrel wins USD23 million contractAlliance
27.02.2024 07:00DXRXExpanded lab network and data capabilitiesRNS
14.02.2024 13:52DXRXIN BRIEF: Diaceutics announces new marketing partnership with KPMGAlliance
14.02.2024 13:00DXRXDiaceutics PLC - Strategic alliance with KPMGRNS
05.02.2024 07:00DXRXAppointment of VP, Scientific & Medical ServicesReach
30.01.2024 11:16DXRXDiaceutics maintains "momentum" for year ahead on revenue rise in 2023Alliance
30.01.2024 07:00DXRXDiaceutics PLC – Trading UpdateRNS
25.01.2024 13:16DXRXExercise of Warrant & Total Voting RightsRNS
23.01.2024 14:32SYNT, STEM, SSPGUK earnings, trading statements calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
19.01.2024 07:00DXRXDiaceutics PLC – Financial Calendar UpdateRNS
29.12.2023 13:18DXRXPDMR Shareholding/Share Incentive PlanRNS
30.11.2023 12:59DXRXPDMR Shareholding/Share Incentive Plan and TVRRNS
30.11.2023 07:00DXRXDiaceutics to attend Stifel Conference in NYCReach
21.11.2023 11:13DXRXNotification of Major HoldingsRNS
31.10.2023 12:38DXRXPDMR Shareholding/SIP & Total Voting RightsRNS
11.10.2023 13:47DXRXPDMR Shareholding/Share Incentive Plan and TVRRNS
02.10.2023 15:59DXRXBlock Listing Application to AIMRNS
29.09.2023 11:19DXRXHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
26.09.2023 11:37DXRXDiaceutics revenue grows but loss widens, CEO Keeling to step downAlliance
26.09.2023 07:00DXRXDiaceutics PLC – Half Year ResultsRNS
26.09.2023 07:00DXRXDiaceutics PLC - Planned CEO TransitionRNS
21.09.2023 14:37DXRXDiaceutics PLC – Directorate ChangesRNS
19.09.2023 15:52TBLD, TIME, SMINUK earnings, trading statements calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
07.09.2023 07:00DXRXAttending 10th Annual HealthTech Investment ForumReach
05.09.2023 07:00DXRXNotice of Interim Results and PresentationsRNS
30.08.2023 14:56DXRXPDMR Shareholding/Share Incentive PlanRNS
29.08.2023 13:16DXRXIN BRIEF: Diaceutics launches daily alerts for DXRX platformAlliance
29.08.2023 07:00DXRXDiaceutics launches daily alerts for DXRX platformReach
04.08.2023 07:00DXRXCanaccord Genuity 43rd Annual Growth ConferenceReach
31.07.2023 15:19DXRXPDMR Shareholding/Share Incentive PlanRNS
25.07.2023 12:12DXRXDiaceutics interim revenue jumps as order book grows to GBP24 millionAlliance
25.07.2023 07:00DXRXTrading Update and Notice of ResultsRNS
29.06.2023 12:07DXRXPDMR Shareholding/Share Incentive PlanRNS
06.06.2023 07:00DXRXPurchase and Sale of Shares and PDMR ShareholdingsRNS
05.06.2023 11:09DXRXIN BRIEF: Diaceutics shares surge on contract win with top US firm Alliance
05.06.2023 10:26TSTL, DXRX, BBBAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: Tristel hails FDA approval of ULT disinfectantAlliance
05.06.2023 07:00DXRXUSD 10.1 million multi-year enterprise engagementRNS
31.05.2023 17:13DXRXPDMR Shareholding/Share Incentive PlanRNS
19.05.2023 10:16DXRXIssue of Share Options/PDMR ShareholdingsRNS
18.05.2023 11:46DXRXResults of Annual General MeetingRNS
11.05.2023 18:22DXRXPDMR ShareholdingsRNS
11.05.2023 15:44VTY, VSVS, UTGUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
04.05.2023 10:34DXRXPDMR shareholdingsRNS
28.04.2023 18:03DXRXPDMR Shareholding/Share Incentive PlanRNS
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