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Tower Resources PLC Market & Company News

28.03.2024 07:00TRPTotal Voting Rights and Broker UpdateRNS
29.02.2024 07:00TRPTotal Voting RightsRNS
16.02.2024 07:00TRPGrant of Options under Long Term Incentive PlanRNS
15.02.2024 16:02DEC, POW, POLBTRADING UPDATES: Diversified Energy offers dividend alternativeAlliance
15.02.2024 07:00TRPRepayment of EECP Facility and SubscriptionRNS
08.02.2024 20:13ESO, SML, FMETRADING UPDATES: Seeing Machines revenue grows; Baron Oil strikes dealAlliance
08.02.2024 07:00TRPExtension of Period of Thali License in CameroonRNS
31.01.2024 16:50TRPTotal Voting RightsRNS
04.01.2024 07:30TRPIssue of Warrants to DirectorsRNS
04.01.2024 07:00TRPShare Issuance to EECPRNS
29.12.2023 07:00TRPTotal Voting RightsRNS
21.12.2023 14:12TRPSP Angel Analyst InterviewReach
20.12.2023 09:19TRPChairman and CEO InterviewReach
18.12.2023 07:30TRPCompletion of SubscriptionRNS
18.12.2023 07:00TRPRig Contract and Proposed SubscriptionRNS
07.12.2023 07:30TRPSP Angel Analyst Research ReportReach
07.12.2023 07:00TRPShare Issuance to EECPRNS
30.11.2023 07:00TRPTotal Voting RightsRNS
08.11.2023 07:00TRPShare Issuance to EECPRNS
31.10.2023 07:00TRPTotal Voting RightsRNS
11.10.2023 07:00TRPAfrica Oil Week – Technical PresentationReach
04.10.2023 15:32TRPIN BRIEF: Tower Resources to issue 317.6 million shares to placeeAlliance
04.10.2023 07:00TRPShare Issuance to EECPRNS
02.10.2023 07:00TRPChairman and CEO InterviewReach
02.10.2023 07:00TRPIssue of Warrants to DirectorsRNS
29.09.2023 14:29ARCM, CMRS, TRPEARNINGS: Beacon Energy and Kefi Gold & Copper losses widenAlliance
29.09.2023 07:00TRPInterim Results to 30 June 2023RNS
17.07.2023 16:18TRPReplacement Results of Annual General MeetingRNS
17.07.2023 13:53TRPResults of Annual General MeetingRNS
10.07.2023 15:46TRPUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
07.07.2023 10:44TRPIN BRIEF: Pendragon Chief Operating Officer Martin Casha to resignAlliance
03.07.2023 07:00TRPIssue of Warrants to DirectorsRNS
23.06.2023 12:50TRPPosting of Annual Report and Notice of MeetingRNS
19.06.2023 14:36TRPUPDATE: Jangada Mines notes Blencowe's completion of test workAlliance
19.06.2023 11:07TRPIN BRIEF: Tower Resources swings to a loss with numerous headwindsAlliance
19.06.2023 07:00TRPPreliminary Results to 31 December 2022RNS
16.06.2023 10:18TRPTower Resources hails basin modelling results in NamibiaAlliance
16.06.2023 07:00TRPNamibia Technical UpdateRNS
31.05.2023 11:58TRPUPDATE: Tower Resources CEO stake in company falls amid placingAlliance
31.05.2023 07:00TRPTotal Voting RightsRNS
30.05.2023 19:48TRPIN BRIEF: Tower Resources CEO and chair reduces stake to 7.2% from 16%Alliance
30.05.2023 13:35TRPHoldings in CompanyRNS
30.05.2023 13:32TRPNew interview with Chairman and CEO Jeremy AsherReach
16.05.2023 14:14TRPIN BRIEF: Tower Resources shares plunge after discounted placing Alliance
16.05.2023 11:03SHOE, BOO, TRPAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: Rurelec jumps on Argentinian assets saleAlliance
16.05.2023 07:45TRPPlacing and Subscription to raise £2.3 millionRNS
02.05.2023 07:00TRPIssue of Warrants to DirectorsRNS
28.04.2023 07:00TRPTotal Voting RightsRNS
27.04.2023 14:34IPF, TRP, EXRTRADING UPDATES: Volex wins contract; Engage XR revenue jumpsAlliance
27.04.2023 10:43TRP, MBT, CSFSAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: Engage XR jumps on quarterly revenue growthAlliance
27.04.2023 07:00TRPCameroon UpdateRNS
30.03.2023 14:35TRPIN BRIEF: Tower Resources to issue USD150,000 in shares to EECPAlliance
30.03.2023 07:00TRPShare Issuance to EECPRNS
15.02.2023 07:00TRPIssue of Warrants to DirectorsRNS
31.01.2023 07:00TRPTotal Voting RightsRNS
16.01.2023 11:44TRPIN BRIEF: Tower Resources announces placing of up to USD6 millionAlliance
16.01.2023 07:00TRPInstitutional Placing of up to US$6 millionRNS
21.11.2022 21:59TRP, PPP, TRAFTRADING UPDATES: Okyo Pharma files IND; Reabold Co-CEOs buy sharesAlliance
21.11.2022 07:00TRPCameroon Financing UpdateRNS
06.10.2022 07:00TRPCorporate and Technical PresentationsReach
03.10.2022 07:00TRPIssue of Warrants to DirectorsRNS
30.09.2022 22:02ECHO, ENW, CRSEARNINGS SUMMARY: Echo Energy, Enwell Energy, Sivota revenue risesAlliance
30.09.2022 07:00TRPInterim Results to 30 June 2022RNS
30.09.2022 07:00TRPTotal Voting RightsRNS
31.08.2022 07:00TRPTotal Voting RightsRNS
30.08.2022 07:00TRPIssue of share in lieu of fees to Bedrock DrillingRNS
16.08.2022 07:00TRPGrant of Options under Annual LTIPRNS
02.08.2022 14:16TRPTower Resources raises GBP1.5 million to prepare NJOM-3 wellAlliance
02.08.2022 11:06TRPSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
02.08.2022 11:00TRPPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
02.08.2022 07:00TRPPlacing and Subscription to raise £1.5 millionRNS
01.07.2022 07:00TRPIssue of Warrants to DirectorsRNS
30.06.2022 14:44TRPResults of AGMRNS
29.06.2022 21:29ICGT, PAC, TRPTRADING UPDATES: Aquila closes acquisition; Mila's "impressive" assaysAlliance
29.06.2022 18:02TRPCameroon Financing and Resource UpdateRNS
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