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Vector Capital PLC Market & Company News

16.05.2024 15:23VCAPResult of Annual General MeetingRNS
09.05.2024 15:51VCAP, EGY, WTANUK dividends calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
09.05.2024 15:49VTY, UTG, VCAPUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
19.04.2024 09:04VCAPVector Capital keeps dividend despite fall in revenue and profitAlliance
19.04.2024 07:00VCAPResults for the year ended 31 December 2023RNS
05.02.2024 17:35AVON, CVCG, CHARTRADING UPDATES: Gaming Realms expects to report annual revenue boostAlliance
05.02.2024 07:00VCAPYear-end Trading UpdateRNS
17.01.2024 17:43VCAPIN BRIEF: Vector Capital loan book dips in 2023 in challenging marketAlliance
17.01.2024 07:00VCAPUpdate on the Aggregate Loan BookRNS
20.12.2023 17:57GRC, BOD, TRACEARNINGS AND TRADING: Half-year loss widens at Triad as revenue fallsAlliance
20.12.2023 07:00VCAPTrading UpdateRNS
05.09.2023 15:01VCAPInterim Dividend DeclarationRNS
05.09.2023 14:28ARA, ARC, VCAPEARNINGS: Vector Capital half-year profit drops on higher costsAlliance
05.09.2023 07:00VCAPHalf Year ResultsRNS
18.07.2023 14:34VCAPVector Capital pleased but cautious amid "year of consolidation"Alliance
18.07.2023 07:00VCAPHalf Year Trading Update and Loan Book SummaryRNS
12.06.2023 12:49VCAPVector Capital extends debt facilities to GBP45.0 millionAlliance
12.06.2023 07:00VCAPLoan facilities extended and broadenedRNS
22.05.2023 09:47VCAPIN BRIEF: Vector Capital loan book shrinks but confirms annual outlookAlliance
22.05.2023 07:00VCAPQuarterly trading updateRNS
16.05.2023 12:34VCAPResult of AGMRNS
09.05.2023 15:45VCAP, TIFS, SYNTUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
02.05.2023 07:00VCAPDividend declaration and Notice of AGMRNS
18.04.2023 17:19VCAP, STG, PDLTRADING UPDATES: Angus hails initial clean up of well; Amati NAV fallsAlliance
18.04.2023 07:00VCAPResults for the year ended 31 December 2022RNS
22.03.2023 07:00VCAPMello Investor PresentationReach
16.02.2023 07:00VCAPChange of Registered OfficeRNS
03.02.2023 13:41ECOR, CPH2, KENTRADING UPDATES: Somero revenue short of outlook; SigmaRoc optimisticAlliance
31.01.2023 07:00VCAPYear-end Trading UpdateRNS
10.01.2023 16:00VCAPIN BRIEF: Vector Capital notes 15% increase in loan book valueAlliance
10.01.2023 07:00VCAPUpdate on Aggregate Loan BookRNS
29.12.2022 08:32VCAPIN BRIEF: Vector Capital renews GBP3 million loan with parent companyAlliance
29.12.2022 07:00VCAPRenewal of Inter-Company DebtRNS
13.12.2022 14:49VCAPIN BRIEF: Vector Capital eyes revenue and profit in line with guidanceAlliance
13.12.2022 07:00VCAPTrading UpdateRNS
07.09.2022 11:21KIST, ARA, TRXEARNINGS UPDATES: Maiden Union Jack Oil profit; Kistos revenue jumpsAlliance
07.09.2022 07:00VCAPHalf Year ResultsRNS
25.05.2022 07:00VCAPResult of AGMRNS
24.05.2022 21:55BSIF, FIPP, AFRNTRADING UPDATES: Audioboom and Epwin make strong starts to the yearAlliance
24.05.2022 07:00VCAPAGM statement and quarterly trading updateRNS
17.05.2022 15:59WPP, VCAP, TGAUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
29.04.2022 09:58VCAPTR-1: Notification of major holdingsRNS
27.04.2022 14:57VCAPDividend declaration and Notice of AGMRNS
26.04.2022 11:44VCAPCORRECT: Vector Capital posts higher annual profit, loan book growthAlliance
25.04.2022 10:33VCAPVector Capital posts higher annual profit amid loan book growthAlliance
25.04.2022 07:00VCAPFull year resultsRNS
20.04.2022 07:00VCAPInvestor PresentationReach
08.04.2022 07:00VCAPNotice of ResultsRNS
06.04.2022 07:00VCAPChange of Nominated Adviser and Corporate BrokerRNS
07.02.2022 07:00VCAPAppointment of Non-Executive DirectorRNS
31.01.2022 07:00VCAPYear-end trading updateRNS
10.01.2022 07:00VCAPIncrease in debt facilities and loan book updateRNS
01.12.2021 07:00VCAPTrading UpdateRNS
06.09.2021 07:00VCAPHalf-year ReportRNS
02.09.2021 07:00VCAPInterim Results Investor WebinarReach
25.08.2021 07:00VCAPNotice of ResultsRNS
30.06.2021 17:00VCAPTotal Voting RightsRNS
29.06.2021 11:05VCAPHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
29.06.2021 09:26SDV, VCAPHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
23.06.2021 07:00VCAPPlacing to raise £1.5 millionRNS
11.05.2021 12:38VCAPResult of AGMRNS
11.05.2021 07:00VCAPAGM statement and quarterly trading updateRNS
14.04.2021 13:50VCAPDividend declaration and Notice of AGMRNS
12.04.2021 07:00VCAPFinal ResultsRNS
26.02.2021 10:41VCAPHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
18.02.2021 07:00VCAPInvestor PresentationReach
27.01.2021 07:00VCAPTrading UpdateRNS
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