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Deals on 10 February 2021

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
11/02/2021SELLAGRAssura PLCJayne CottamFD78,810 @ 73.76p£58,130.00

Assura PLC Director Holdings

NamePositionAppointedShares ownedShares owned %Total value
Jayne CottamFD2017345,3470.0100£2,583.20
Jonathan DaviesNED201863,3600.0000£473.93
Louise FowlerNED201900.0000£0.00
Jenefer GreenwoodNED201297,2560.0100£727.47
Jonathan MurphyED20132,426,7270.0900£18,151.92
Ed SmithNED201796,4900.0000£721.75

Assura PLC Director Deals

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DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
11/02/2021SELLAGRAssura PLCJayne CottamFD78,810 @ 73.76p£58,130.00
11/02/2021TINAGRAssura PLCJayne CottamFD167,681 @ 0.00p£0.00
08/02/2021TINAGRAssura PLCJonathan MurphyED234 @ 0.00p£0.00
08/02/2021BUYAGRAssura PLCJonathan MurphyED201 @ 74.35p£149.00
08/02/2021TINAGRAssura PLCJayne CottamFD234 @ 0.00p£0.00
08/02/2021BUYAGRAssura PLCJayne CottamFD201 @ 74.35p£149.00
18/01/2021BUYAGRAssura PLCJonathan MurphyED17 @ 76.80p£13.00
18/01/2021DRIPAGRAssura PLCJayne CottamFD1,270 @ 73.50p£933.00
18/01/2021DRIPAGRAssura PLCEd SmithNED923 @ 73.50p£678.00
06/01/2021BUYAGRAssura PLCJonathan MurphyED195 @ 77.96p£152.00
06/01/2021TINAGRAssura PLCJonathan MurphyED228 @ 0.00p£0.00
06/01/2021BUYAGRAssura PLCJayne CottamFD195 @ 77.96p£152.00
06/01/2021TINAGRAssura PLCJayne CottamFD228 @ 0.00p£0.00
09/12/2020TINAGRAssura PLCJonathan MurphyED238 @ 0.00p£0.00
09/12/2020BUYAGRAssura PLCJonathan MurphyED204 @ 72.62p£148.00
09/12/2020TINAGRAssura PLCJayne CottamFD238 @ 0.00p£0.00
09/12/2020BUYAGRAssura PLCJayne CottamFD204 @ 72.62p£148.00
10/11/2020TINAGRAssura PLCJonathan MurphyED227 @ 0.00p£0.00
10/11/2020BUYAGRAssura PLCJonathan MurphyED195 @ 77.74p£152.00
10/11/2020TINAGRAssura PLCJayne CottamFD227 @ 0.00p£0.00
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