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Bt Group PLC =

Deals on 06 August 2020

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
07/08/2020SELLBT.ABt Group PLCSimon LowthED24,436 @ 103.00p£25,169.00

Bt Group PLC Director Holdings

NamePositionAppointedShares ownedShares owned %Total value
Ian CheshireNED202019,6460.0000£261.39
Iain ConnNED201469,4420.0000£923.91
Jan du PlessisCH2017803,3950.0100£10,689.01
Isabel HudsonNED201415,0900.0000£200.77
Michael InglisNED201529,0910.0000£387.05
Philip JansenCEO20195,351,7470.0500£71,203.92
Matthew KeyNED2018161,6860.0000£2,151.20
Allison KirkbyNED201975,0000.0000£997.86
Simon LowthED20161,364,6450.0100£18,156.33
Leena NairNED201950,0000.0000£665.24
Sara WellerNED202000.0000£0.00

Bt Group PLC Director Deals

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DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
07/08/2020TINBT.ABt Group PLCSimon LowthED51,886 @ 0.00p£0.00
07/08/2020SELLBT.ABt Group PLCSimon LowthED24,436 @ 103.00p£25,169.00
26/06/2020TINBT.ABt Group PLCPhilip JansenCEO1,106,763 @ 0.00p£0.00
26/06/2020TINBT.ABt Group PLCSimon LowthED754,759 @ 0.00p£0.00
24/06/2020BUYBT.ABt Group PLCAllison KirkbyNED50,000 @ 118.00p£59,000.00
16/06/2020BUYBT.ABt Group PLCLeena NairNED50,000 @ 113.00p£56,500.00
10/06/2020BUYBT.ABt Group PLCIan CheshireNED19,646 @ 126.00p£24,754.00
21/05/2020BUYBT.ABt Group PLCJan du PlessisCH1,663 @ 108.00p£1,796.00
21/05/2020BUYBT.ABt Group PLCPhilip JansenCEO1,661 @ 108.00p£1,794.00
14/05/2020BUYBT.ABt Group PLCJan du PlessisCH500,000 @ 105.70p£528,500.00
14/05/2020BUYBT.ABt Group PLCPhilip JansenCEO1,834,000 @ 109.60p£2,010,064.00
14/05/2020BUYBT.ABt Group PLCIain ConnNED50,000 @ 107.90p£53,950.00
14/05/2020BUYBT.ABt Group PLCMatthew KeyNED45,753 @ 109.90p£50,283.00
31/03/2020BUYBT.ABt Group PLCMatthew KeyNED66,433 @ 118.00p£78,391.00
20/03/2020TINBT.ABt Group PLCPhilip JansenCEO413,714 @ 0.00p£0.00
20/03/2020SELLBT.ABt Group PLCPhilip JansenCEO194,835 @ 132.00p£257,182.00
06/02/2020DRIPBT.ABt Group PLCPhilip JansenCEO107,177 @ 163.00p£174,699.00
06/02/2020DRIPBT.ABt Group PLCPhilip JansenCEO11,379 @ 163.00p£18,548.00
06/02/2020DRIPBT.ABt Group PLCPhilip JansenCEO1,786 @ 163.00p£2,911.00
06/02/2020DRIPBT.ABt Group PLCSimon LowthED104,649 @ 163.00p£170,578.00
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