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Kibo Energy PLC Market & Company News

04.07.2022 08:17KIBOIN BRIEF: Kibo Energy extends redemption date of instrumentAlliance
04.07.2022 07:00KIBOConvertible Instrument Redemption Date ExtensionRNS
27.06.2022 17:06KIBOIN BRIEF: Kibo Energy loss widens in 2021 on impairment costsAlliance
27.06.2022 16:50KIBOAudited AFS for the year ended 31 December 2021RNS
13.06.2022 09:25KIBOKibo Energy PLC corporate presentationReach
06.06.2022 09:25KIBOTR-1 notification of major holdingsRNS
30.05.2022 14:00KIBOUpdate on Admission of Shares to AIM & JSE AltXRNS
30.05.2022 09:12KIBOIN BRIEF: Kibo Energy, Hasta Trust to develop energy storage projectsAlliance
30.05.2022 07:00KIBOLong Duration Energy Storage Projects in SARNS
27.05.2022 09:34KIBOKibo Energy terminates acquisition of Victoria Falls solar projectAlliance
27.05.2022 07:30KIBORestoration - Kibo Energy PlcRNS
27.05.2022 07:00KIBOUpdate on Acquisition of Brownhill and RTORNS
20.05.2022 17:44KIBOIN BRIEF: Kibo Energy issues shares to pay off outstanding loanAlliance
20.05.2022 15:00KIBOSettlement of Outstanding Loan and Issue of SharesRNS
20.05.2022 07:56MAST, KIBOIN BRIEF: Kibo Energy taps outsider as new chief financial officerAlliance
20.05.2022 07:00KIBOAppointment of Group Chief Financial OfficerRNS
17.05.2022 08:05KIBOIN BRIEF: Kibo Energy signs five-year battery deal with EneroxAlliance
17.05.2022 07:00KIBOAgreement to deploy 1 GWh Long Duration StorageRNS
03.05.2022 07:00KIBOAmendment to Share Purchase AgreementRNS
01.04.2022 15:00KIBOAmendment to Share Purchase AgreementRNS
01.04.2022 08:41KIBOIN BRIEF: Kibo Energy extends redemption date of convertible loan noteAlliance
01.04.2022 07:00KIBOConvertible Instrument Redemption Date ExtensionRNS
21.03.2022 14:04KIBOIN BRIEF: Kibo Energy buys Victoria Falls project for GBP10 millionAlliance
21.03.2022 07:30KIBOSuspension - Kibo Energy PLCRNS
21.03.2022 07:00KIBOAcquisition of Brownhill and Suspension of TradingRNS
01.03.2022 12:00KIBOConvertible Instrument Redemtion Date ExtensionRNS
23.02.2022 14:05KIBOSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
23.02.2022 14:00KIBOPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
16.02.2022 16:23KIBOIN BRIEF: Kibo Energy inks GBP3 million bridge loan facilityAlliance
16.02.2022 15:15KIBOFunding Facility and Issue of SharesRNS
14.02.2022 10:26RGD, MWE, AMCAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: MTI profit warning; Amur falls on Russia turmoilAlliance
14.02.2022 09:06KIBOSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
14.02.2022 09:00KIBOPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
14.02.2022 08:30KIBOKibo Energy to build, operate waste-to-energy project in South AfricaAlliance
14.02.2022 07:00KIBOTen Year PPA on SA Waste to Energy Project SignedRNS
12.01.2022 07:00KIBOAppointment of Shard Capital Partners LLPRNS
07.01.2022 07:00KIBOSettlement of Outstanding Fees to DirectorsRNS
14.12.2021 07:00KIBOPending Board ChangeRNS
15.11.2021 07:45KIBOPyebridge Steady State Operation and ProductionReach
10.11.2021 07:00KIBOIssue of Shares in lieu of Payment to ContractorsRNS
08.11.2021 07:45KIBOReplacementRNS
08.11.2021 07:00KIBOKatoro Raises £815,000 in PlacingRNS
03.11.2021 07:00KIBO£860,000 share subscription with Private InvestorsRNS
20.10.2021 07:05KIBOMED Signs Term Sheet to Fund Power ProjectsReach
19.10.2021 07:00KIBOESS Inc.Reach
30.09.2021 11:50KIBOResult of AGMRNS
24.09.2021 08:00KIBOHalf-year ReportRNS
23.09.2021 07:00KIBOFunding Update: UK Waste to Energy ProjectRNS
16.09.2021 08:45KIBOStrategic Investment in UK Waste to Energy ProjectRNS
06.09.2021 07:00KIBONotice of AGMRNS
16.08.2021 07:25KIBOMED acquires Third Standby Generation FacilityReach
12.08.2021 07:20KIBOMED acquires 9 MW Pyebridge Gas-powered FacilityReach
30.07.2021 07:00KIBOCompletion of Agreement with IGESRNS
15.07.2021 14:00KIBOPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
15.07.2021 11:05KIBOSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
15.07.2021 11:00KIBOPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
15.07.2021 09:05KIBOSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
15.07.2021 09:00KIBOPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
24.06.2021 08:00KIBOHolding(s) in Company TR 1RNS
24.06.2021 07:50KIBOHolding(s) in Company TR 1RNS
23.06.2021 16:41KIBOSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
23.06.2021 16:35KIBOPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
23.06.2021 14:05KIBOSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
23.06.2021 14:00KIBOPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
23.06.2021 11:05KIBOSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
23.06.2021 11:00KIBOPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
16.06.2021 16:41KIBOSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
16.06.2021 16:36KIBOPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
16.06.2021 07:00KIBORenewable Energy StrategyRNS
11.06.2021 07:00KIBOResults for the Year Ended 31 December 2020RNS
10.06.2021 09:20KIBONew Corporate PresentationReach
27.05.2021 07:00KIBOOutstanding Loan Settlement and Warrant ProceedsRNS
21.05.2021 08:35KIBOBordesley ProgressReach
18.05.2021 07:00KIBOAgreement to Co-develop Renewable Energy ProjectsRNS
06.05.2021 11:15KIBOMAST Operational UpdateReach
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