Limitless Earth Ord 1p (LME)

Limitless Earth Plc Ord 1p =

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Limitless Earth Ord 1p Director Holdings

Name Position Appointed Last Deal Total % Shares Held Total Value (£)
Guido Contesso Chief Executive Officer 2015 12/01/18 3.81 2,490,217 112,060
Max Giampaolo Non Executive Director   na na na
Nilesh Jagatia Financial Director   na na na
Peter Jay Non Executive Director 2015   na na na
Daniele Penna Non Executive Director 2017   na na na
Luca Serri Non Executive Director 2014   na na na

Limitless Earth Ord 1p Director Deals

Declared Type Director Pos. Volume / Price Value
12/01/18 BUY Guido Contesso CEO 525,000 @ 4.75p £24,938
07/08/17 BUY Guido Contesso CEO 777,777 @ 4.50p £35,000
12/11/15 BUY Guido Contesso CEO 1,186,440 @ 2.75p £32,627
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