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Procook Group PLC Market & Company News

29.01.2024 16:58PROCDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
15.01.2024 15:29PROCDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
10.01.2024 13:42PROCProCook boosts quarterly revenue despite "difficult" environmentAlliance
10.01.2024 07:00PROCThird quarter trading updateRNS
21.12.2023 16:45PROCDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
13.12.2023 17:06PROCProCook hails Black Friday as fixes website "teething issues"Alliance
13.12.2023 07:00PROCInterim ResultsRNS
01.12.2023 07:00PROCPublication of B Corp Impact Report 2023RNS
20.10.2023 08:50PROCProCook cautious about full-year outlook as revenue declinesAlliance
20.10.2023 07:00PROCSecond quarter trading updateRNS
20.09.2023 07:00PROCDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
20.09.2023 07:00PROCResult of AGMRNS
12.09.2023 15:44UMR, PROC, OXIGUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
07.09.2023 11:26PROCDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
21.08.2023 09:24PROCProCook says Walmart executive to replace founder as CEO in SeptemberAlliance
21.08.2023 07:00PROCCEO AppointmentRNS
11.08.2023 13:37PROCNotice of AGMRNS
07.07.2023 09:35PROCIN BRIEF: ProCook names Tappenden as new CEO as O'Neill to departAlliance
07.07.2023 07:00PROCCEO AppointmentRNS
28.06.2023 09:40PROCProCook shares down on swing to annual loss as revenue falls Alliance
28.06.2023 09:38SERE, PROC, PODPSMALL-CAP WINNERS & LOSERS: Pod Point rises on Barratt partnershipAlliance
28.06.2023 07:06PROCPreliminary ResultsRNS
07.06.2023 11:37PROCHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
09.05.2023 13:59PROCHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
05.05.2023 16:00PROCHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
05.05.2023 13:35PROC, CCEP, GYMDIRECTOR DEALINGS: Ferro-Alloy Resources CEO lifts stake to 13%Alliance
05.05.2023 10:30PROCDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
19.04.2023 12:32PROCIN BRIEF: ProCook shares down as quarterly revenue decreasesAlliance
19.04.2023 07:00PROCFourth quarter trading updateRNS
28.03.2023 16:35PROCPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
16.02.2023 11:29PROCDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
12.01.2023 13:53PROCIN BRIEF: ProCook shares up as on track to deliver annual expectationsAlliance
12.01.2023 07:00PROCThird quarter trading updateRNS
14.12.2022 14:42UAV, CYAN, PROCEARNINGS SUMMARY: ProCook swings to loss; CyanConnode loss widensAlliance
14.12.2022 07:00PROCInterim ResultsRNS
13.12.2022 11:05PROCHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
09.12.2022 10:34PROCProcook shares slump as reduces revenue guidance on weak salesAlliance
09.12.2022 10:33PROC, PRV, NANOSMALL-CAP WINNERS & LOSERS: Pendragon plunges on takeover snubAlliance
09.12.2022 07:00PROCTrading UpdateRNS
14.11.2022 07:00PROCDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
02.11.2022 11:03PROCHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
21.10.2022 11:53PROCProCook attracts new customers but revenue drops on tough conditionsAlliance
21.10.2022 07:00PROCSecond quarter trading updateRNS
20.10.2022 07:08PROCDirector DeclarationRNS
13.10.2022 07:00PROCBoard changesRNS
26.09.2022 15:40PROCHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
26.09.2022 13:30PROCIN BRIEF: ProCook says COO Steve Sanders to step down next yearAlliance
26.09.2022 07:00PROCBoard ChangeRNS
23.09.2022 15:58SOHO, TMPL, CTOUK dividends calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
20.09.2022 15:43PROCResult of AGMRNS
13.09.2022 15:58ZOO, UEM, SWGUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
25.08.2022 15:54UEM, ULVR, UKCMUK dividends calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
17.08.2022 14:49PROCHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
12.08.2022 11:11PROCIN BRIEF: ProCook Chief Executive Daniel O'Neill buys 500,000 sharesAlliance
12.08.2022 10:38SRAD, DFS, PROCSMALL-CAP WINNERS & LOSERS: Stelrad profit drops; DFS hit by downgradeAlliance
12.08.2022 07:00PROCDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
09.08.2022 15:41PROCDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
09.08.2022 07:15PROCAnnual Report and AccountsRNS
09.08.2022 07:15PROCDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
03.08.2022 17:41PROCHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
03.08.2022 07:00PROCHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
03.08.2022 07:00PROCHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
02.08.2022 10:37OTB, ENQ, PROCSMALL-CAP WINNERS & LOSERS: EnQuest output up; more travel sector woeAlliance
02.08.2022 07:00PROCDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
01.08.2022 14:49AAF, PROC, LLOYDIRECTOR DEALINGS: Lloyds Banking CEO sells GBP1.2 million in sharesAlliance
01.08.2022 07:00PROCDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
01.08.2022 07:00PROCHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
22.07.2022 16:10STAN, SRE, RECUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
22.07.2022 13:05PROCHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
21.07.2022 10:28PROC, COST, OXBSMALL-CAP WINNERS & LOSERS: Go-Ahead suitor pulls out; Costain risesAlliance
20.07.2022 16:35PROCPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
06.07.2022 10:00PROCProCook annual profit falls; flags challenging kitchenware marketAlliance
06.07.2022 07:00PROCPreliminary ResultsRNS
22.06.2022 15:47PROC, MUL, MOONUK earnings, trading statements calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
21.06.2022 07:00PROCHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
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