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Rc365 Holding PLC Market & Company News

08.02.2024 07:00RCGHAppointment of AuditorRNS
31.01.2024 12:35RCGHRC365 Holding celebrates GBP600,000 contract with new Japanese clientAlliance
31.01.2024 07:00RCGHContract WinRNS
27.12.2023 11:53TUN, BMD, BVTEARNINGS: Inspirit Energy pretax loss narrow, while RC365's widensAlliance
22.12.2023 07:00RCGHInterim ReportRNS
14.12.2023 07:00RCGHResignation of AuditorRNS
04.12.2023 07:00RCGHCo-Sponsor at the Hong Kong Economic Summit 2024Reach
30.10.2023 14:30BRES, IIP, RCGHTRADING UPDATES: Helium One says Tai-3 rig temporarily shut downAlliance
30.10.2023 07:00RCGHMemorandum of Understanding with KOMAJURNS
28.09.2023 17:24FIH, RCGH, ABDPTRADING UPDATES: NWF trades in line with expectationsAlliance
28.09.2023 07:00RCGHEstablishment of New Subsidiary in MalaysiaRNS
12.09.2023 15:31RCGHResult of AGMRNS
05.09.2023 15:48WHR, SURE, RKWUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
01.09.2023 14:12RCGHRC365 signs deal for rights to YouneeqAI'S platformAlliance
01.09.2023 10:31TRR, RCGH, SOHOSMALL-CAP WINNERS & LOSERS: RC365 drops after exclusive rights deal Alliance
01.09.2023 07:00RCGHAgreement signed with YouneeqAI for IP RightsRNS
14.08.2023 10:17RCGHRC365 buys exclusive UK rights to US-based YouneeqAI's platform Alliance
14.08.2023 07:00RCGHLOI with YouneeqAI for IP RightsRNS
11.08.2023 07:00RCGHNotice of AGMRNS
03.08.2023 09:54RCGHRC365 Holding celebrates Mastercard deal for RCPAY in Malaysia Alliance
03.08.2023 07:00RCGHNew Customer Win in MalaysiaReach
26.07.2023 14:46CYAN, FRP, RCGHEARNINGS SUMMARY: CyanConnode revenue rises, Grafenia loss widensAlliance
26.07.2023 07:00RCGHAnnual Financial ReportRNS
20.07.2023 17:19ALU, FNX, NXQTRADING UPDATES: RC365 inks agreement; GSTechnologies buys PAYPTAlliance
20.07.2023 07:00RCGHmPOS Development AgreementReach
13.07.2023 14:26RCGHRC365 Holding buys Hong Kong-focused Mr Meal for HKD2.0 millionAlliance
13.07.2023 07:00RCGHAcquisition of Mr Meal Production LimitedRNS
03.07.2023 14:12RCGHIN BRIEF: RC365 Holding shares surge on deal with MasterCard issuerAlliance
03.07.2023 12:36RCGHAgreement with Key Solution Venture LimitedRNS
28.06.2023 11:09RCGHRC365 hails subsidiary's custodian agreement with UniTrust GlobalAlliance
28.06.2023 07:00RCGHCustodian Deed AgreementRNS
26.06.2023 09:05RCGHHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
23.06.2023 09:21RCGHRC365 subsidiary signs collaboration deal with Hatcher's APECAlliance
23.06.2023 07:18RCGHCollaboration AgreementRNS
19.06.2023 13:51RCGHRC365 shares surge as works towards agreement with Hatcher for AIAlliance
19.06.2023 13:25RCGHShare Price MovementRNS
12.06.2023 13:05RCGHHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
02.06.2023 08:02RCGHIN BRIEF: RC365 Holding Chair Sunny Ng steps down, director promotedAlliance
01.06.2023 14:36RCGHIN BRIEF: RC365 subsidiary signs agreement with Hatcher Group for AIAlliance
01.06.2023 13:55RCGHMoU with Hatcher Group LimitedRNS
31.05.2023 15:45RCGHDirectorate ChangeRNS
23.05.2023 14:55RCGHHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
23.05.2023 07:00RCGHHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
23.05.2023 07:00RCGHHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
21.04.2023 20:09RCGHIN BRIEF: RC365 CEO's firm LYS buys GBP2.2 million in sharesAlliance
21.04.2023 17:29RCGHDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
03.04.2023 11:39RCGHHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
31.03.2023 09:49RCGHIssue of EquityRNS
29.03.2023 10:36RCGHIssue of EquityRNS
27.03.2023 17:40RCGHHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
14.03.2023 21:02CMCL, AAU, ROCKTRADING UPDATES: Silverwood instructs solicitors to liaise with LushAlliance
14.03.2023 07:00RCGHConvertible Loan and Put Option AgreementRNS
13.03.2023 17:26ZNWD, WBI, RCDOTRADING UPDATES: RC365 signs deal with Wching; Woodbois raises cashAlliance
13.03.2023 07:00RCGHDevelopment AgreementRNS
22.02.2023 15:28RCGHHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
17.02.2023 14:42RCGHIssue of EquityRNS
14.02.2023 13:52RCGHRC365 shares soar as signs algorithm-focused memorandum with HatcherAlliance
14.02.2023 12:46RCGHShare Subscription Agreement and MOURNS
14.02.2023 07:00RCGHShare Subscription Agreement and MOURNS
06.02.2023 07:00RCGHMultiple Awards ReceivedReach
23.12.2022 14:52KOD, RCGHEARNINGS SUMMARY: Cellular Goods and British Honey suffer widened lossAlliance
23.12.2022 07:00RCGHInterim ReportRNS
09.12.2022 10:53RCGHResult of AGMRNS
21.11.2022 07:00RCGHChange of AuditorRNS
15.11.2022 07:00RCGHNotice of AGMRNS
07.11.2022 07:00RCGHNotice of AcquisitionRNS
30.09.2022 07:00RCGHAnnual Financial ReportRNS
30.08.2022 07:00RCGHDirectorate ChangeRNS
28.06.2022 10:08RCGHNotice of Acquisitions and RPTRNS
23.05.2022 07:00RCGHChange of AuditorRNS
11.05.2022 07:00RCGHChange of AdviserRNS
23.03.2022 07:00RCGHAdmission to trading on the London Stock ExchangeRNS
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