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Stm Group PLC =

Deals on 01 January 1970

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue

Stm Group PLC Director Holdings

NamePositionAppointedShares ownedShares owned %Total value
Malcolm BerrymanNED201600.0000£0.00
Alan KentishFD20076,718,81711.3100£19,618.95
Graham KettleboroughNED201800.0000£0.00
Therese NeishFD2014598,1781.0100£1,746.68

Stm Group PLC Director Deals

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DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
21/07/2017SELLSTMStm Group PLCAlan KentishFD500,000 @ 51.90p£259,480.00
13/02/2017BUYSTMStm Group PLCTherese NeishFD105,422 @ 48.00p£50,603.00
06/02/2017TINSTMStm Group PLCMichael RiddellRES9,783 @ 0.00p£0.00
19/06/2015BUYSTMStm Group PLCAlan KentishFD1,100,000 @ 0.00p£0.00
21/05/2015BUYSTMStm Group PLCMichael RiddellRES137,000 @ 36.50p£50,005.00
09/01/2015BUYSTMStm Group PLCTherese NeishFD170,200 @ 23.50p£39,997.00
16/12/2014BUYSTMStm Group PLCAlan KentishFD1,100,000 @ 18.50p£203,500.00
04/07/2014BUYSTMStm Group PLCAlan KentishFD1,666,667 @ 18.00p£300,000.00
04/07/2014BUYSTMStm Group PLCColin PorterRES200,000 @ 18.00p£36,000.00
04/07/2014BUYSTMStm Group PLCJulian TellingRES138,889 @ 18.00p£25,000.00
04/07/2014BUYSTMStm Group PLCTherese NeishFD250,000 @ 18.00p£45,000.00
13/04/2012PLACSTMStm Group PLCAlan KentishFD324,650 @ 20.35p£66,066.00
13/04/2012PLACSTMStm Group PLCColin PorterRES733,500 @ 20.35p£149,267.00
13/05/2011BUYSTMStm Group PLCColin PorterRES200,000 @ 25.07p£50,140.00
13/05/2011BUYSTMStm Group PLCJulian TellingRES85,000 @ 25.03p£21,276.00
11/04/2011TINSTMStm Group PLCBernard GallagherRES625,395 @ 0.00p£0.00
07/01/2011LOFSTMStm Group PLCBernard GallagherRES35,047 @ 21.40p£7,500.00
06/10/2010LOFSTMStm Group PLCBernard GallagherRES32,609 @ 23.00p£7,500.00
02/07/2010LOFSTMStm Group PLCBernard GallagherRES33,333 @ 22.50p£7,500.00
14/04/2010TINSTMStm Group PLCColin PorterRES60,000 @ 0.00p£0.00
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