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Zinc Media Group PLC =

Deals on 01 January 1970

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue

Zinc Media Group PLC Director Holdings

NamePositionAppointedShares ownedShares owned %Total value
Mark BrowningCEO201958,3330.4000£361.66
Andrew GarardNED201941,6660.2900£258.33
Christopher SatterthwaiteCH201980,5550.5500£499.44
William SawyerFD201817,3520.1200£107.58
Nicholas TaylorNED201713,8890.1000£86.11

Zinc Media Group PLC Director Deals

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DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
17/11/2020PLACZINZinc Media Group PLCNicholas TaylorNED8,333 @ 60.00p£5,000.00
17/11/2020PLACZINZinc Media Group PLCChristopher SatterthwaiteCH25,000 @ 60.00p£15,000.00
17/11/2020PLACZINZinc Media Group PLCAndrew GarardNED8,333 @ 60.00p£5,000.00
17/11/2020PLACZINZinc Media Group PLCWilliam SawyerFD12,500 @ 60.00p£7,500.00
17/11/2020PLACZINZinc Media Group PLCMark BrowningCEO25,000 @ 60.00p£15,000.00
19/02/2020PLACZINZinc Media Group PLCChristopher SatterthwaiteCH33,333 @ 90.00p£30,000.00
13/02/2020PLACZINZinc Media Group PLCChristopher SatterthwaiteCH22,222 @ 90.00p£20,000.00
13/02/2020PLACZINZinc Media Group PLCAndrew GarardNED33,333 @ 90.00p£30,000.00
13/02/2020PLACZINZinc Media Group PLCWilliam SawyerFD2,223 @ 90.00p£2,001.00
13/02/2020PLACZINZinc Media Group PLCMark BrowningCEO33,333 @ 90.00p£30,000.00
20/11/2019PLACZINZinc Media Group PLCDouglas Harry BellRES11,462,229 @ 0.30p£34,444.00
16/11/2018BUYZINZinc Media Group PLCWilliam SawyerFD1,314,474 @ 0.38p£4,995.00
09/11/2018BUYZINZinc Media Group PLCDouglas Harry BellRES1,246,000 @ 0.40p£4,984.00
08/11/2018BUYZINZinc Media Group PLCDavid GalanRES1,282,275 @ 0.39p£4,988.00
14/05/2018BUYZINZinc Media Group PLCPeter BertramRES1,127,273 @ 0.44p£4,960.00
11/04/2018BUYZINZinc Media Group PLCDavid GalanRES1,266,002 @ 0.39p£4,988.00
20/03/2018BUYZINZinc Media Group PLCDavid GalanRES506,957 @ 0.59p£2,991.00
13/11/2017BUYZINZinc Media Group PLCNicholas TaylorNED2,777,780 @ 0.90p£25,000.00
13/11/2017BUYZINZinc Media Group PLCPeter BertramRES5,555,560 @ 9.00p£500,000.00
13/11/2017BUYZINZinc Media Group PLCDavid GalanRES2,777,780 @ 0.90p£25,000.00
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