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Begbies Traynor Group PLC =

Deals on 21 August 2020

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
24/08/2020BUYBEGBegbies Traynor Group PLCJohn MayNED34,940 @ 85.84p£29,992.00

Begbies Traynor Group PLC Director Holdings

NamePositionAppointedShares ownedShares owned %Total value
Mark FryED2011127,4460.1200£1,108.78
John MayNED2007343,9760.2700£2,992.59
Mark StupplesNED201730,7270.0200£267.32
Nicholas TaylorED2010180,7980.1600£1,572.94
Richard TraynorCH200427,178,98025.9700£236,457.13
Peter WallqvistNED201930,0000.0200£261.00

Begbies Traynor Group PLC Director Deals

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DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
24/08/2020BUYBEGBegbies Traynor Group PLCJohn MayNED34,940 @ 85.84p£29,992.00
08/01/2020BUYBEGBegbies Traynor Group PLCPeter WallqvistNED30,000 @ 88.00p£26,400.00
10/07/2019BUYBEGBegbies Traynor Group PLCJohn MayNED32,462 @ 76.99p£24,992.00
05/02/2019BUYBEGBegbies Traynor Group PLCMark StupplesNED30,727 @ 65.09p£20,000.00
24/09/2018EXRBEGBegbies Traynor Group PLCNicholas TaylorED125,000 @ 36.69p£45,863.00
24/09/2018SEXRBEGBegbies Traynor Group PLCNicholas TaylorED25,000 @ 70.25p£17,563.00
25/04/2018SELLBEGBegbies Traynor Group PLCMark FryED16,444 @ 67.00p£11,017.00
21/08/2017SELLBEGBegbies Traynor Group PLCNicholas TaylorED63,000 @ 59.50p£37,485.00
02/08/2017EXRBEGBegbies Traynor Group PLCNicholas TaylorED138,798 @ 58.25p£80,850.00
12/12/2014PLACBEGBegbies Traynor Group PLCRandolph McInnesRES61,728 @ 44.38p£27,392.00
12/12/2014PLACBEGBegbies Traynor Group PLCJohn MayNED74,074 @ 44.38p£32,870.00
12/12/2014PLACBEGBegbies Traynor Group PLCRichard TraynorCH617,283 @ 44.38p£273,919.00
01/03/2012BUYBEGBegbies Traynor Group PLCJohn MayNED140,000 @ 35.00p£49,000.00
05/05/2010BUYBEGBegbies Traynor Group PLCJohn MayNED62,500 @ 79.00p£49,375.00
08/09/2009BUYBEGBegbies Traynor Group PLCJohn GittinsRES10,000 @ 90.00p£9,000.00
08/09/2009BUYBEGBegbies Traynor Group PLCGeoffrey HillRES10,000 @ 90.00p£9,000.00
08/09/2009BUYBEGBegbies Traynor Group PLCRichard TraynorCH250,000 @ 90.00p£225,000.00
08/09/2009SELLBEGBegbies Traynor Group PLCAndrew DickRES4,599,397 @ 90.00p£4,139,457.00
05/03/2009TINBEGBegbies Traynor Group PLCRandolph McInnesRES408,200 @ 0.00p£0.00
12/09/2008SELLBEGBegbies Traynor Group PLCAndrew DickRES1,212,121 @ 165.00p£2,000,000.00
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