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Greenroc Mining PLC Market & Company News

07.02.2024 14:34ALBA, GROCGreenRoc says Greenland law change will accelerate Amisoq projectAlliance
07.02.2024 07:00GROCExploitation Licence Application Process UpdateRNS
31.01.2024 18:28MOS, DEST, AAUEARNINGS AND TRADING: STV raises holding in Two Cities TelevisionAlliance
31.01.2024 07:00GROCSuccessful Battery Test Work With Amitsoq GraphiteRNS
01.12.2023 15:45ALBA, GROCHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
27.11.2023 20:02PALM, EOG, CPPTRADING UPDATES: Live Co to cut jobs; SDX Energy in strategy shiftAlliance
27.11.2023 07:00GROCPlacing Update: Additional Tranche To Raise £75kRNS
22.11.2023 13:15ALBA, GROCGreenRoc raises GBP460,800 in placing towards feasibility studyAlliance
22.11.2023 07:00GROCPlacing to raise £461kRNS
31.10.2023 16:47GSCU, GRL, TM1TRADING UPDATES: GreenRoc bullish on asset; Esken eyes Renewables saleAlliance
31.10.2023 07:00GROCPEA Confirms Robust Economics for Amitsoq GraphiteRNS
25.10.2023 07:00GROCInvestor Presentation via Investor Meet CompanyReach
24.10.2023 11:58GROCGreenRoc Mining shares rise as China restricts export of graphiteAlliance
24.10.2023 10:47BEM, GROC, FDPAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: FD Technologies fall as swings to lossAlliance
24.10.2023 07:00GROCStatement re: China Restricting Export of GraphiteRNS
16.10.2023 12:43ALBA, GROCGreenRoc gets green light for exploration licence in GreenlandAlliance
16.10.2023 07:00GROCGrant of Exploration Licence ExpansionRNS
11.10.2023 07:00GROCBoard ChangesRNS
09.10.2023 13:30GROC, ALBAIN BRIEF: GreenRoc wins grant; Alba Mineral notes announcementAlliance
09.10.2023 12:26GROCGreenRoc Mining awarded GBP250,000 grant funding for feasibility studyAlliance
09.10.2023 07:00GROCGrant Awarded by UK Automotive Transformation FundRNS
03.10.2023 14:03GROC, BIH, FMEEARNINGS AND TRADING: nanosynth shares remain suspended on AIMAlliance
29.09.2023 07:00GROCAmitsoq UpdateRNS
14.09.2023 07:00GROCGreenRoc attending FastMarkets conference 2023Reach
17.08.2023 10:39GROC, ALBAAlba Mineral turns to statutory profit due to accounting standardsAlliance
16.08.2023 11:46GROC, ALBAHeavy summer rain slows down dewatering at Alba Mineral gold mineAlliance
16.08.2023 11:02GROC, ALBA, TERNAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: Belluscura receives orders for 6,500 Discov-RAlliance
16.08.2023 11:02GROCGreenRoc narrows loss as Amitsoq development continuesAlliance
16.08.2023 07:00GROCInterim Results For The Six Months To 31 May 2023RNS
09.08.2023 11:00ALBA, GROCHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
02.08.2023 13:32ALBA, GROCIN BRIEF: GreenRoc Mining raises GBP470,000 through placingAlliance
02.08.2023 07:00GROCPlacing to raise £470kRNS
27.07.2023 21:53EJFI, WRKS, EVSTTRADING UPDATES: Ormonde eyes AIM exit; Online Blockchain tests AI appAlliance
27.07.2023 07:00GROCAmitsoq Operational UpdateRNS
17.05.2023 07:00GROCDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
15.05.2023 20:19LIT, AREC, GROCTRADING UPDATES: Arecor launches Ogluo in Denmark and SwedenAlliance
15.05.2023 07:00GROCAmitsoq Update, Virtual Presentation and Q&AReach
12.05.2023 12:00GROCResult of AGMRNS
05.05.2023 15:57WPM, ITS, ITIMUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
18.04.2023 15:58GROCDirectors' DealingsRNS
14.04.2023 15:00GROCGrant of Share OptionsRNS
06.04.2023 07:00GROCPublication of Annual Report and Notice of AGMRNS
29.03.2023 10:13GROCPresenting at Battery Gigafactories Europe 2023Reach
24.03.2023 11:35GROCGreenRoc says loss widens but Amitsoq project provides hopeful outlookAlliance
24.03.2023 07:00GROCFull Year Results & Publication of Annual ReportRNS
14.03.2023 07:00GROCInvestor PresentationReach
13.03.2023 18:22ALBA, GROCHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
07.03.2023 15:07GROCHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
06.03.2023 12:14GROC, ALBAGreenRoc Mining signs deal to develop Amitsoq project in GreenlandAlliance
06.03.2023 07:00GROCAmitsoq MoU Signed, Placing to raise £550kRNS
22.02.2023 14:23GROCHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
08.02.2023 12:06GROC, ALBAAlba Mineral's GreenRoc delighted by ERMA approval for Amitsoq projectAlliance
08.02.2023 07:00GROCAmitsoq Update: ERMA Declares Official SupportRNS
31.01.2023 16:40GROCSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
31.01.2023 16:35GROCPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
31.01.2023 14:00GROCPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
31.01.2023 11:05GROCSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
31.01.2023 11:00GROCPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
23.01.2023 11:43ALBA, GROCGreenRoc 2023 Amitsoq resource estimate three times larger than 2022Alliance
23.01.2023 07:00GROCNear Three Times Increase in Amitsoq ResourceRNS
20.01.2023 14:29GROC, ALBAAlba Mineral Resources surrenders Lickerick prospecting licence Alliance
20.01.2023 12:00ALBA, GROCGreenRoc Mining purification tests meet requirement to produce anodesAlliance
20.01.2023 07:00GROCProject UpdatesRNS
10.01.2023 12:33GROCHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
23.12.2022 17:05AERI, GUN, URUTRADING UPDATES: Logistics Development buys Alliance Pharma sharesAlliance
23.12.2022 07:00GROCClose of Broker OptionRNS
22.12.2022 15:00GROCHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
22.12.2022 07:00GROCAmitsoq Update Completed Phase 2 Drilling AssaysRNS
09.12.2022 11:50ALBA, GROCGreenRoc placing raises GBP315,000 to develop Amitsoq graphite projectAlliance
09.12.2022 10:58GROC, SAEAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: Bonhill jumps on offer for UK, Asia businessesAlliance
09.12.2022 07:58GROCPlacing & Broker Option and Director DealingRNS
02.12.2022 16:41GROCSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
02.12.2022 16:35GROCPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
02.12.2022 14:06GROCSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
02.12.2022 14:00GROCPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
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