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Jubilee Metals Group PLC =

Deals on 01 January 1970

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue

Jubilee Metals Group PLC Director Holdings

NamePositionAppointedShares ownedShares owned %Total value
Colin BirdCH200211,547,5550.5700£8,949.36
Evan KirbyED201800.0000£0.00
Chris MolefeNED2004100,0000.0900£77.50
Nakedi PhosaCH20102,828,8840.1400£2,192.39

Jubilee Metals Group PLC Director Deals

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DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
21/02/2020BUYJLPJubilee Metals Group PLCColin BirdCH500,000 @ 79.26 ZAR39,630,000.00 ZAR
03/12/2019SELLJLPJubilee Metals Group PLCNakedi PhosaCH101,500 @ 80.00 ZAR8,120,000.00 ZAR
03/12/2019SELLJLPJubilee Metals Group PLCNakedi PhosaCH6,000 @ 82.00 ZAR492,000.00 ZAR
22/06/2017BUYJLPJubilee Metals Group PLCColin BirdCH1,250,000 @ 3.83p£47,875.00
06/05/2015BUYJLPJubilee Metals Group PLCColin BirdCH600,000 @ 1.65p£9,900.00
17/04/2015BUYJLPJubilee Metals Group PLCNakedi PhosaCH354,526 @ 5.00p£17,726.00
10/12/2014BUYJLPJubilee Metals Group PLCColin BirdCH1,000,000 @ 1.25p£12,500.00
27/06/2014BUYJLPJubilee Metals Group PLCColin BirdCH1,300,000 @ 1.53p£19,890.00
15/10/2013BUYJLPJubilee Metals Group PLCColin BirdCH665,188 @ 4.25p£28,270.00
14/05/2013BUYJLPJubilee Metals Group PLCLeon CoetzerRES27,810 @ 7.21p£2,005.00
25/04/2013BUYJLPJubilee Metals Group PLCColin BirdCH99,041 @ 9.00p£8,914.00
16/04/2013BUYJLPJubilee Metals Group PLCAndrew SarosiRES64,444 @ 7.72p£4,975.00
21/04/2011BUYJLPJubilee Metals Group PLCColin BirdCH180,000 @ 27.60p£49,680.00
10/05/2010BUYJLPJubilee Metals Group PLCMalcolm BurneRES50,000 @ 33.75p£16,875.00
05/05/2010BUYJLPJubilee Metals Group PLCMalcolm BurneRES100,000 @ 36.50p£36,500.00
23/12/2009BUYJLPJubilee Metals Group PLCColin BirdCH185,000 @ 26.85p£49,673.00
11/11/2009BUYJLPJubilee Metals Group PLCMalcolm BurneRES50,000 @ 31.63p£15,815.00
11/11/2009BUYJLPJubilee Metals Group PLCColin BirdCH75,000 @ 32.00p£24,000.00
11/11/2009BUYJLPJubilee Metals Group PLCColin BirdCH3,200 @ 32.24p£1,032.00
11/11/2009BUYJLPJubilee Metals Group PLCColin BirdCH9,483 @ 32.32p£3,065.00
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