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Union Jack Oil PLC Market & Company News

29.06.2022 07:00UJOCapital Reduction UpdateRNS
23.06.2022 11:44UJOResult of AGMRNS
21.06.2022 22:13BMV, GSP, HAMATRADING UPDATES: Coca-Cola HBC and Pendragon shareholders show ireAlliance
21.06.2022 07:00UJOWest Newton PEDL183 Conceptual Development PlanRNS
20.06.2022 11:13EOG, EDR, UJOIN BRIEF: Union Jack Oil earns USD7 million from Wressle developmentAlliance
20.06.2022 07:00UJOUS$7 Million Net Revenues Reached at WressleRNS
31.05.2022 07:00UJOMembership of United Kingdom Onshore Oil and GasReach
30.05.2022 14:00UJO, EOG, EDRIN BRIEF: Egdon, Europa and Union Jack get okay for Wressle field planAlliance
30.05.2022 07:00UJONSTA Approves Wressle Field Development PlanRNS
26.05.2022 22:00UJO, STB, AGYTRADING UPDATES: DP Eurasia posts strong sales growth on Turkey demandAlliance
26.05.2022 07:00UJORepayment of £1m Loan by Egdon Resources plcRNS
23.05.2022 19:29SGZ, CNR, BMVTRADING UPDATES: Big Yellow's annual profit surges on occupancy gainsAlliance
23.05.2022 07:00UJOUS$6 Million Net Revenues Reached at WressleRNS
16.05.2022 11:48UJOUnion Jack Oil confidence high as annual revenue surgesAlliance
16.05.2022 07:00UJOFinal Results for the Year Ended 31 December 2021RNS
26.04.2022 07:00UJOProject UpdateRNS
25.04.2022 17:33TLY, ZOO, CINTRADING UPDATES: CentralNic, Mind Gym anticipate growth in revenueAlliance
25.04.2022 07:00UJOUS$5 Million Net Revenues Reached at WressleRNS
13.04.2022 18:47DIS, PRTC, MXCTTRADING UPDATES: BlueRock output rises; Watkin Jones profit to fallAlliance
13.04.2022 07:00UJOSubmission of Biscathorpe Planning Appeal PEDL253RNS
29.03.2022 07:00UJOGaffney Cline Report UpdateRNS
28.03.2022 15:55UJOIN BRIEF: Union Jack notes USD4 million revenue derived from WressleAlliance
28.03.2022 07:00UJOUS$4 Million Net Revenues Reached at WressleRNS
17.03.2022 12:12UJOWest Newton Planning UpdateRNS
14.03.2022 20:57PAT, CYBA, EDRTRADING UPDATES: Cobra in line for earn-in; Argo agrees fleet swapAlliance
14.03.2022 12:53UJONorth Kelsey UpdateRNS
08.03.2022 16:40UJOSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
08.03.2022 16:35UJOPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
04.03.2022 11:05UJOSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
04.03.2022 11:00UJOPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
23.02.2022 20:11AVON, PERE, AMCTRADING UPDATES: BiVictriX expands development; Okyo wins US patentAlliance
23.02.2022 07:00UJOProposed Future Distributions to ShareholdersRNS
22.02.2022 21:57PYX, UJO, TGRTRADING UPDATES: Angling Direct ups revenue; Ceiba takes Omicron hitAlliance
22.02.2022 07:00UJOUS$3,000,000 Net Revenues Reached at WressleRNS
25.01.2022 07:00UJOBiscathorpe Planning Appeal UpdateRNS
19.01.2022 07:00UJOResults of Wressle Downhole Pressure AnalysisRNS
17.01.2022 07:00UJOWest Newton Modelled Flow Rate Analysis UpdateRNS
11.01.2022 09:05UJOSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
11.01.2022 09:00UJOPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
11.01.2022 07:00UJOUS$2,000,000 Net Revenues Reached at WressleRNS
16.12.2021 16:41UJOSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
16.12.2021 16:36UJOPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
16.12.2021 07:00UJOOperational and Financial UpdateRNS
26.11.2021 07:00UJOWest Newton Planning UpdateRNS
09.11.2021 07:00UJOQuestion and Answer Forum with Proactive InvestorsReach
01.11.2021 16:13UJOBiscathorpe Planning Consent RefusedRNS
27.10.2021 07:00UJOWressle Update and US$1m Net Revenues ReachedRNS
13.10.2021 14:00UJOPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
13.10.2021 07:00UJOWest Newton Well Test Operations UpdateRNS
30.09.2021 12:52UJOWest Newton A Well Site Planning DecisionRNS
30.09.2021 07:00UJOTotal Voting RightsRNS
28.09.2021 07:00UJOCorporate PresentationReach
23.09.2021 10:22UJODirector DealingRNS
23.09.2021 07:00UJOPlacing Raising £3 millionRNS
21.09.2021 07:00UJOWressle Update PEDL180 and PEDL182RNS
20.09.2021 17:05UJOResponse to Market SpeculationRNS
20.09.2021 09:05UJOSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
20.09.2021 09:00UJOPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
17.09.2021 17:42UJOResponse to Market SpeculationRNS
13.09.2021 07:00UJOHalf Year Report 2021RNS
31.08.2021 07:00UJOWest Newton UpdateRNS
24.08.2021 07:00UJOWressle Well Test UpdateRNS
29.07.2021 07:00UJOWressle Operations UpdateRNS
21.07.2021 07:00UJOWest Newton B-1Z UpdateRNS
19.07.2021 07:00UJOCarbon Intensity Study on Biscathorpe Rated AARNS
29.06.2021 15:00UJOWressle UpdateRNS
24.06.2021 11:29UJOResult of AGMRNS
26.05.2021 07:00UJOWressle Update - Oil Storage ConsentRNS
25.05.2021 07:00UJOWest Newton Mobilisation and Test UpdateRNS
18.05.2021 07:00UJOWressle Development UpdateRNS
17.05.2021 07:00UJOFinal Results for the Year Ended 31 December 2020RNS
10.05.2021 07:00UJOGaffney,Cline & Associates to Prepare PEDL183 CPRRNS
27.04.2021 07:00UJOLaunch of New Corporate WebsiteReach
20.04.2021 07:00UJOWest Newton Update and Well Testing ProgrammeRNS
31.03.2021 07:00UJOTotal Voting RightsRNS
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