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Wishbone Gold PLC Market & Company News

15.03.2024 11:16WSBNWishbone Gold reveals "spectacular" results at Cottesloe siteAlliance
15.03.2024 10:07AURA, BIOM, WSBNAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: Wishbone Gold jumps on "positive drilling"Alliance
02.02.2024 11:14WSBNIN BRIEF: Wishbone up after fundraise for "exciting" Pilbara projectAlliance
19.12.2023 19:45WSBNIN BRIEF: Wishbone Gold confirms presence of gold in Australian fieldAlliance
13.12.2023 11:51WSBNWishbone Gold receives "encouraging visual results" at Cottesloe siteAlliance
04.12.2023 10:46WSBNIN BRIEF: Wishbone Gold celebrates new Red Setter mineralisationAlliance
22.11.2023 16:56WSBN, SWG, SEEDEARNINGS AND TRADING UPDATES: Wishbone Gold celebrates project buyAlliance
13.11.2023 16:43XPS, CRCL, ROCKTRADING UPDATES: PCI-PAL picked by Zoom; Biome in project delaysAlliance
08.11.2023 11:48WSBNIN BRIEF: Wishbone Gold starts diamond drilling at CottesloeAlliance
06.11.2023 14:52WSBNWishbone Gold director elected as Lord Mayor of the City of London Alliance
02.11.2023 14:18PYX, CPH2, BEMTRADING UPDATES: Pyx premium zircon production up in third quarterAlliance
12.10.2023 14:23WSBNIN BRIEF: Wishbone Gold completes drilling at Red SetterAlliance
20.09.2023 10:45LBE, TND, WSBNAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: Finsbury Food accepts private equity buyout Alliance
20.09.2023 10:33GGP, WSBNWishbone Gold says drill rig now at Red Setter in Western AustraliaAlliance
18.09.2023 18:12GSF, AXL, WSBNTRADING UPDATES: TruSpine accepts Aquis findings after investigationAlliance
22.08.2023 12:35WSBNWishbone Gold mobilises rigs to Cottesloe project to drill targetsAlliance
01.08.2023 14:26PALM, CNC, MXCTTRADING UPDATES: MaxCyte strikes deal; Barkby sells Workshop Alliance
01.08.2023 10:48WSBN, VCP, HARLAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: Victoria rises as backs outlookAlliance
17.07.2023 10:15WSBNIN BRIEF: Wishbone Gold Cottesloe gravity survey data "encouraging"Alliance
29.06.2023 12:06WSBNWishbone Gold narrows loss, celebrates "year of progress" for assetsAlliance
31.05.2023 14:27WSBNIN BRIEF: Wishbone Gold awarded government co-funded drill programmeAlliance
26.05.2023 09:51WSBNIN BRIEF: Wishbone Gold says eight priority targets found at CottesloeAlliance
28.04.2023 16:15WSBN, BMN, ZOOTRADING UPDATES: Castings beats market view; Zoo Digital buys in JapanAlliance
04.04.2023 17:20WSBNIN BRIEF: Wishbone Gold refines drilling areas for Red Setter projectAlliance
04.04.2023 07:00WSBNRed Setter potential analogue to nearby TelferRNS
11.01.2023 14:46WSBNWishbone Gold acquisition of Cottesloe East adds to Cottesloe projectAlliance
03.01.2023 15:47WSBNUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
15.12.2022 12:19WSBNEQS-News: Wishbone Gold believes mineralised system find vindicates change of strategyEQS
13.12.2022 20:38WSBN, RRR, BLOETRADING UPDATES: Savannah Energy ends deal; Plaza signs addendumAlliance
18.11.2022 14:18WSBNWishbone Gold adds to portfolio with Anketell acquisition in AustraliaAlliance
28.09.2022 13:26KDNC, DPP, ROCKEARNINGS UPDATES: DP Poland loss widens but positive for second halfAlliance
26.09.2022 21:46EGY, WSBN, RSETRADING UPDATES: Goldplat appoints chair; 3i portfolios make progressAlliance
09.09.2022 19:11WSBN, POW, SVMLTRADING UPDATES: BH Macro NAV rises; Rambler warns on balance sheetAlliance
06.09.2022 20:31AMRQ, PANR, CGOTRADING UPDATES: Wishbone drilling impresses; Avation leases aircraftAlliance
06.09.2022 19:31RSE, MCB, WSBNTRADING UPDATES: Highcroft NAV grows; SulNOx signs deal with RominservAlliance
23.08.2022 12:25WSBNIN BRIEF: Wishbone Gold secures option to acquire Ankell projectAlliance
17.08.2022 17:44WSBNIN BRIEF: Wishbone Gold posts encouraging finds from Red SetterAlliance
15.08.2022 10:49WSBNIN BRIEF: Wishbone Gold says second rig drilling at Red SetterAlliance
03.08.2022 19:41WSBNIN BRIEF: Wishbone Gold secures second drill rig for Red SetterAlliance
01.08.2022 12:26WSBNIN BRIEF: Wishbone Gold gets encouraging drill results from Red SetterAlliance
01.08.2022 11:14VAST, WSBN, KGHAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: Wishbone drill results impress; DeepVerge pactAlliance
30.06.2022 19:25QBT, SDV, ECREARNINGS UPDATES: Bushveld loss widens; Scottish Investment assets upAlliance
24.06.2022 14:11WSBNIN BRIEF: Wishbone Gold sees high grade copper zone in AustraliaAlliance
17.06.2022 09:25WSBNWishbone Gold commences drilling at Red Setter gold-copper projectAlliance
16.06.2022 15:21WSBNIN BRIEF: Wishbone Gold "delighted" with tests at Wishbone II projectAlliance
07.06.2022 12:13STVG, GFIN, RECITRADING UPDATES: Argo mines less bitcoin in May; Filtronic wins dealAlliance
31.05.2022 20:01INSG, WSBN, POWTRADING UPDATES: Cloudbreak signs royalty agreement; TomCo drillsAlliance
19.05.2022 18:55OBI, JAY, YNGATRADING UPDATES: Knights tips revenue hike; Gym Group eyes growthAlliance
16.05.2022 14:29WSBNIN BRIEF: Wishbone Gold shares rise as it signs drill contractAlliance
12.05.2022 15:35ARV, CMCL, WSBNTRADING UPDATES: Secure Trust lending up; Eurocell sales climbAlliance
03.05.2022 11:55GGP, WSBNWishbone Gold signs drilling contract for Red Setter projectAlliance
07.03.2022 19:26WSBN, ORCP, ZPHRTRADING UPDATES: Alternative Income profit up; BiVictrix loss widensAlliance
20.09.2021 11:00WSBNPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
13.09.2021 14:05WSBNSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
13.09.2021 14:00WSBNPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
06.09.2021 07:00WSBNLand Access Agreement SignedRNS
02.09.2021 07:00WSBNCottesloe Project Update – 7 Targets identifiedRNS
27.08.2021 16:41WSBNSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
27.08.2021 16:35WSBNPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
27.08.2021 11:05WSBNSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
27.08.2021 11:00WSBNPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
12.08.2021 07:00WSBNNew Tenement Granted in Gold/Copper DistrictRNS
10.08.2021 13:09WSBNRed Setter Geochemical Sampling Programme UnderwayRNS
02.08.2021 07:00WSBNTotal Voting RightsRNS
29.07.2021 11:05WSBNSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
29.07.2021 11:00WSBNPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
21.07.2021 07:00WSBNExercise of Warrants and TVRRNS
01.07.2021 09:05WSBNSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
01.07.2021 09:00WSBNPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
30.06.2021 15:18WSBNAnnual Financial ReportRNS
17.06.2021 11:19WSBNDr Simon Beams Presentation on Halo Gold ProjectRNS
04.06.2021 11:31WSBNDrilling Approved for Cottesloe ProjectRNS
02.06.2021 07:00WSBNTotal Voting RightsRNS
26.05.2021 11:06WSBNDr. Simon Beams to Present Wishbone's Halo ProjectReach
26.05.2021 11:05WSBNSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
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