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Fox Marble Holdings PLC =

Deals on 01 January 1970

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue

Fox Marble Holdings PLC Director Holdings

NamePositionAppointedShares ownedShares owned %Total value
Andrew AllnerCH20121,386,9210.6400£269.06
Christopher GilbertCEO201219,446,46910.7400£3,772.61
Roy HarrisonNED20125,748,9312.6700£1,115.29
Colin TerryNED2012393,5490.1800£76.35

Fox Marble Holdings PLC Director Deals

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DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
03/01/2018LOFFOXFox Marble Holdings PLCColin TerryNED214,285 @ 10.50p£22,500.00
03/01/2018BUYFOXFox Marble Holdings PLCRoy HarrisonNED4,761,904 @ 10.50p£500,000.00
03/01/2018LOFFOXFox Marble Holdings PLCRoy HarrisonNED197,619 @ 10.50p£20,750.00
03/01/2018LOFFOXFox Marble Holdings PLCAndrew AllnerCH378,571 @ 10.50p£39,750.00
01/11/2016LOFFOXFox Marble Holdings PLCColin TerryNED45,638 @ 9.90p£4,518.00
01/11/2016LOFFOXFox Marble Holdings PLCRoy HarrisonNED41,835 @ 9.90p£4,142.00
01/11/2016LOFFOXFox Marble Holdings PLCAndrew AllnerCH80,628 @ 9.90p£7,982.00
01/11/2016LOFFOXFox Marble Holdings PLCChristopher GilbertCEO107,186 @ 9.90p£10,611.00
15/06/2016BUYFOXFox Marble Holdings PLCColin TerryNED42,182 @ 10.67p£4,501.00
15/06/2016BUYFOXFox Marble Holdings PLCRoy HarrisonNED38,667 @ 10.67p£4,126.00
15/06/2016BUYFOXFox Marble Holdings PLCAndrew AllnerCH76,032 @ 10.67p£8,113.00
15/06/2016BUYFOXFox Marble Holdings PLCChristopher GilbertCEO33,033 @ 10.67p£3,525.00
15/06/2016BUYFOXFox Marble Holdings PLCEtrur AlbaniRES35,959 @ 10.67p£3,837.00
07/11/2014TOUTFOXFox Marble Holdings PLCEtrur AlbaniRES1,054,500 @ 0.00p£0.00
07/11/2014TOUTFOXFox Marble Holdings PLCChristopher GilbertCEO1,054,500 @ 0.00p£0.00
08/08/2013BUYFOXFox Marble Holdings PLCRoy HarrisonNED121,212 @ 16.50p£20,000.00
08/08/2013PLACFOXFox Marble Holdings PLCAndrew AllnerCH181,818 @ 16.50p£30,000.00
11/07/2013BUYFOXFox Marble Holdings PLCColin TerryNED23,549 @ 17.52p£4,126.00
11/07/2013BUYFOXFox Marble Holdings PLCRoy HarrisonNED23,549 @ 17.52p£4,126.00
11/07/2013BUYFOXFox Marble Holdings PLCAndrew AllnerCH45,386 @ 17.52p£7,952.00
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