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Fresnillo PLC Market & Company News

04.08.2022 09:58BIRG, BAG, JETLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Goldman likes NatWest; Barclays cuts Just EatAlliance
03.08.2022 17:14DARK, CNA, FRESLONDON MARKET CLOSE: Avast rises as Norton deal provisionally clearedAlliance
03.08.2022 10:10HOTC, PURP, AIBGLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Macquarie ups Virgin Money; Citi cuts CentricaAlliance
02.08.2022 12:20SHEL, FRES, BIFFLONDON MARKET MIDDAY: BP and Shell lend support to tense marketAlliance
02.08.2022 09:08FRESTOP NEWS: Fresnillo first half profit drops as gold production fallsAlliance
02.08.2022 07:00FRES1H22 Interim ResultsRNS
01.08.2022 09:46JET2, SNR, KGHLONDON BROKER RATINGS: HSBC cuts Jet2; JPMorgan lifts Anglo AmericanAlliance
28.07.2022 17:13CMCX, BARC, RTOLONDON MARKET CLOSE: NY opens in the green despite economy troublesAlliance
27.07.2022 10:07FRESIN BRIEF: Fresnillo quarterly production up, to meet annual goalAlliance
27.07.2022 07:00FRES2Q22 Production ReportRNS
26.07.2022 15:56VMUK, TPK, SYNTUK earnings, trading statements calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
20.07.2022 16:05YGEN, WIZZ, UTGUK earnings, trading statements calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
13.07.2022 17:10DARK, CKN, JDWLONDON MARKET CLOSE: Recession fears rear head on hot US inflationAlliance
11.07.2022 09:42RTN, IQE, JET2LONDON BROKER RATINGS: Deutsche Bank prefers Domino's over GreggsAlliance
08.07.2022 09:44MARS, RTN, KOSLONDON BROKER RATINGS: HSBC cuts pub stocks; Goldman downgrades M&SAlliance
07.07.2022 10:30HTG, IPX, GBGLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Berenberg cuts Rio Tinto and BofA lowers AntoAlliance
06.07.2022 17:07ENOG, TLW, SHELLONDON MARKET CLOSE: Stocks higher ahead of US Fed minutesAlliance
06.07.2022 09:43HTG, JSE, KGPLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Hunting upped to 'buy'; Jefferies cuts IntertekAlliance
01.07.2022 12:32ABDN, HBR, FRESLONDON MARKET MIDDAY: Recession risks and inflation worries persist Alliance
23.06.2022 15:15FRESReport on Payments to Governments for 2021RNS
23.06.2022 09:42ITM, NRR, THGLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Deutsche Bank raises Rentokil and cuts IntertekAlliance
16.06.2022 09:38RWI, FERG, BOOLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Upgrades for WH Smith, Victrex and HochschildAlliance
16.06.2022 08:30SYNT, VCT, FRESLONDON BRIEFING: Halma and Asos promote from within for new leadersAlliance
14.06.2022 12:17XSG, GOG, BWYLONDON MARKET MIDDAY: Full percentage point US rate hike fear voicedAlliance
13.06.2022 17:17GOG, NEX, WTBLONDON MARKET CLOSE: Stocks lower as US recession fears riseAlliance
13.06.2022 12:19SHEL, GOG, AGLLONDON MARKET MIDDAY: US inflation rise, UK economy fall is toxic mixAlliance
13.06.2022 08:59FXPO, ERM, SHELLONDON MARKET OPEN: UK economy goes into reverse, sending stocks downAlliance
20.05.2022 16:00VSVS, TYMN, STJUK dividends calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
19.05.2022 17:04KGH, ASTO, HSVLONDON MARKET CLOSE: Strong M&A activity fails to lift stocksAlliance
17.05.2022 15:00FRESResult of AGMRNS
17.05.2022 09:43JET, HSX, BEZLONDON BROKER RATINGS: SocGen cuts Unilever to sell; RBC ups DiplomaAlliance
17.05.2022 08:38FRESAGM StatementRNS
12.05.2022 17:19HBR, HOC, CCHLONDON MARKET CLOSE: Stocks slip on discouraging GDP dataAlliance
12.05.2022 12:40HOC, FXPO, CCHLONDON MARKET MIDDAY: Worries about weakening demand hit mining sharesAlliance
10.05.2022 16:06WJG, VOD, VICUK earnings, trading statements calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
10.05.2022 16:04MER, KEFI, IQGUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
09.05.2022 08:59FRES, GLEN, RIOLONDON MARKET OPEN: China suffers slowing export growth amid lockdownsAlliance
04.05.2022 15:00FRESConversion Rate for 2021 Final DividendRNS
28.04.2022 17:16SXS, ULVR, STJLONDON MARKET CLOSE: StanChart lifts FTSE 100; Spectris hikes FTSE 250Alliance
28.04.2022 10:01ASC, EZJ, WIZZLONDON BROKER RATINGS: BofA lifts Lloyds to 'buy' from 'neutral'Alliance
27.04.2022 09:39FRESTOP NEWS: Fresnillo backs outlook as production meets expectationsAlliance
27.04.2022 07:00FRESListing Rule 9.6.14R(2) DisclosureRNS
27.04.2022 07:00FRES1Q22 Production ReportRNS
26.04.2022 09:42JET, APF, S32LONDON BROKER RATINGS: Barclays cuts Rio Tinto; Jefferies likes CVSAlliance
20.04.2022 16:07AUY, SMWH, RPSUK earnings, trading statements calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
14.04.2022 07:00FRESAnnual Financial Report and Notice of AGMRNS
13.04.2022 17:19TED, BOO, SDRYLONDON MARKET CLOSE: Europe subdued after more record inflation dataAlliance
13.04.2022 07:00FRESTR-1: Notification of major holdingsRNS
06.04.2022 09:39CAML, GGP, GFMLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Berenberg cuts Polymetal and raises Hochschild Alliance
30.03.2022 17:22BELL, EEE, PSONLONDON MARKET CLOSE: Commodity-linked stocks boost FTSE 100Alliance
24.03.2022 17:20SDR, WPS, FRESLONDON MARKET CLOSE: Markets stall as West steps up Russian sanctionsAlliance
24.03.2022 12:42ENOG, ENQ, IAGLONDON MARKET MIDDAY: Shares mixed as Western allies meet about RussiaAlliance
24.03.2022 11:14FRESTOP NEWS SUMMARY: PMIs show hit to European economy from Ukraine warAlliance
24.03.2022 09:15XPP, IAG, PSONLONDON MARKET OPEN: Shares higher as Biden joins European summitAlliance
22.03.2022 17:24TRST, KGH, FRESLONDON MARKET CLOSE: Financials top FTSE 100 following US Fed commentsAlliance
17.03.2022 13:55FRESFresnillo recognised by EthisphereRNS
11.03.2022 17:16SHI, HOC, FRESLONDON MARKET CLOSE: Russia-Ukraine diplomacy hopes raise stocksAlliance
11.03.2022 12:31FRES, CEY, HOCLONDON MARKET MIDDAY: Possible bid for Pearson boosts FTSE 100 Alliance
09.03.2022 17:21CEY, HOC, PRULONDON MARKET CLOSE: Electrocomponents rises 12% on robust outlookAlliance
09.03.2022 10:19MTRO, VIC, JETLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Deutsche cuts ITV; Citi raises SSE to buyAlliance
08.03.2022 17:22IWG, HOC, SHELLONDON MARKET CLOSE: Stocks higher, US and UK target Russia's oilAlliance
08.03.2022 12:32SHEL, GRG, IWGLONDON MARKET MIDDAY: Gold and oil hit highs; Shell exits from RussiaAlliance
08.03.2022 09:27FRESTOP NEWS: Fresnillo annual profit and revenue grow on higher pricesAlliance
08.03.2022 09:11DOM, GRG, MNGLONDON MARKET OPEN: Shares rally as gold soars above USD2,000 an ounceAlliance
08.03.2022 07:00FRESFY21 Preliminary ResultsRNS
07.03.2022 12:27CTH, SXS, OXIGLONDON MARKET MIDDAY: US move to embargo Russian oil roils marketsAlliance
07.03.2022 09:04CKN, OXIG, SXSLONDON MARKET OPEN: Inflation worries as oil nears USD140 a barrelAlliance
01.03.2022 16:01RWA, MIDW, MADEUK earnings, trading statements calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
24.02.2022 17:21LLOY, WPP, SHELLONDON MARKET CLOSE: FTSE 100 and pound plunge after Ukraine invasionAlliance
24.02.2022 12:32AGL, AAL, FXPOLONDON MARKET MIDDAY: Indices down 3% to 5% as Russia invades UkraineAlliance
24.02.2022 09:54MADE, MTRO, APTALONDON BROKER RATINGS: RBC raises Fresnillo; Berenberg cuts HargreavesAlliance
24.02.2022 09:14LLOY, WIZZ, FRESLONDON MARKET OPEN: Russia stocks Evraz down 30%, Polymetal down 40%Alliance
21.02.2022 17:14CCH, FRES, POLYLONDON MARKET CLOSE: Polymetal, Evraz tumble on Ukraine conflict fear Alliance
17.02.2022 17:29WIZZ, IAG, FRESLONDON MARKET CLOSE: Stocks turn red as US demands more from Russia Alliance
16.02.2022 17:33INDV, SHEL, FRESLONDON MARKET CLOSE: Oil majors get boost but FTSE 100 slipsAlliance
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