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Go-Ahead Group PLC =

Deals on 12 November 2020

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
13/11/2020BUYGOGGo-Ahead Group PLCDavid BrownRES19 @ 816.95p£155.00

Go-Ahead Group PLC Director Holdings

NamePositionAppointedShares ownedShares owned %Total value
Elodie BrianFD201927,1890.0600£2,226.78
Adrian EwerNED20133,0220.0100£247.50
Clare HollingsworthCH20192,2900.0100£187.55
Katherine Innes-KerNED20101160.0000£9.50
Leanne WoodNED20172940.0000£24.08

Go-Ahead Group PLC Director Deals

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DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
13/11/2020BUYGOGGo-Ahead Group PLCDavid BrownRES19 @ 816.95p£155.00
13/10/2020BUYGOGGo-Ahead Group PLCDavid BrownRES26 @ 579.99p£151.00
02/10/2020BUYGOGGo-Ahead Group PLCElodie BrianFD3,400 @ 585.08p£19,893.00
15/09/2020BUYGOGGo-Ahead Group PLCDavid BrownRES22 @ 678.99p£149.00
14/08/2020BUYGOGGo-Ahead Group PLCDavid BrownRES22 @ 686.36p£151.00
14/07/2020BUYGOGGo-Ahead Group PLCDavid BrownRES21 @ 700.79p£147.00
15/06/2020BUYGOGGo-Ahead Group PLCDavid BrownRES15 @ 1,043.58p£157.00
13/05/2020BUYGOGGo-Ahead Group PLCDavid BrownRES12 @ 1,206.15p£145.00
21/04/2020BUYGOGGo-Ahead Group PLCElodie BrianFD2,500 @ 1,205.42p£30,135.00
15/04/2020BUYGOGGo-Ahead Group PLCDavid BrownRES12 @ 1,301.59p£156.00
16/03/2020BUYGOGGo-Ahead Group PLCDavid BrownRES932 @ 1,071.00p£9,982.00
16/03/2020BUYGOGGo-Ahead Group PLCClare HollingsworthCH2,290 @ 1,090.00p£24,961.00
13/03/2020BUYGOGGo-Ahead Group PLCDavid BrownRES14 @ 1,106.87p£155.00
13/02/2020BUYGOGGo-Ahead Group PLCDavid BrownRES7 @ 2,129.40p£149.00
04/02/2020DRIPGOGGo-Ahead Group PLCAdrian EwerNED4 @ 2,034.38p£81.00
14/01/2020BUYGOGGo-Ahead Group PLCDavid BrownRES7 @ 2,122.88p£149.00
13/12/2019BUYGOGGo-Ahead Group PLCDavid BrownRES7 @ 2,027.93p£142.00
15/11/2019BUYGOGGo-Ahead Group PLCDavid BrownRES8 @ 2,049.36p£164.00
30/10/2019EXRGOGGo-Ahead Group PLCDavid BrownRES94 @ 1,911.00p£1,796.00
15/10/2019BUYGOGGo-Ahead Group PLCDavid BrownRES7 @ 2,095.00p£147.00
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