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Lunglife Ai, INC Market & Company News

05.06.2024 17:16LLAIResult of AGMRNS
03.06.2024 12:45LLAIConfirmation of AGMRNS
29.05.2024 16:02NOG, LLAI, GMSUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
15.05.2024 07:00LLAIBlock Listing Six Monthly ReturnRNS
02.05.2024 16:04LLAIHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
25.04.2024 07:00LLAIPublication of Annual Report and Notice of AGMRNS
17.04.2024 07:00LLAIPresentation at NCI's EDRN MeetingReach
04.04.2024 12:29LLAILungLife reports narrowed losses in year of "considerable achievement"Alliance
04.04.2024 07:00LLAIPreliminary Audited ResultsRNS
28.03.2024 13:53LLAIUK earnings, trading statements calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
27.03.2024 07:00LLAINotice of ResultsRNS
26.03.2024 13:49LLAIHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
25.03.2024 10:33LLAIHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
22.03.2024 09:39LLAIAdmission of New Shares & PDMR DealingRNS
22.03.2024 08:21LLAIAdmission of New Shares & PDMR DealingRNS
21.03.2024 14:05LLAIResult of Special MeetingRNS
14.03.2024 15:07PRES, LLAI, ATYUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
08.03.2024 20:03HGEN, MMIT, EEETRADING UPDATES: Cindrigo seeks Croatian exploration licence extensionAlliance
06.03.2024 17:35LLAIPosting of Circular and Notice of Special MeetingRNS
05.03.2024 07:00LLAIResults of Placing and SubscriptionRNS
04.03.2024 19:59BRH, CLA, FARNTRADING UPDATES: Beowulf raises funds for Kallak iron ore projectAlliance
04.03.2024 16:56LLAIProposed equity raise of approximately £1.8mRNS
02.01.2024 10:05POS, SAR, LLAIAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: LungLife AI soars on test; Plexus falls on dealAlliance
02.01.2024 09:38LLAILunglife shares soar after successful lung cancer diagnostic trials Alliance
02.01.2024 07:00LLAISuccessful validation study results for LungLB®RNS
15.11.2023 07:00LLAIBlock Listing Six Monthly ReturnRNS
28.09.2023 10:43LLAILungLife AI LungLB clinical validation study completion delayedAlliance
28.09.2023 07:00LLAIClinical validation study updateRNS
14.08.2023 13:32LLAIDirector share purchasesRNS
08.08.2023 13:36LLAILungLife AI outlook upbeat as interim loss narrowsAlliance
08.08.2023 07:00LLAIHalf-year ReportRNS
03.08.2023 07:00LLAINotice of ResultsRNS
06.06.2023 16:55LLAIIN BRIEF: LungLife celebrates publication of LungLB results in journalAlliance
06.06.2023 07:00LLAILungLB® study published in peer-reviewed journalRNS
23.05.2023 09:44LLAILungLife celebrates as it completes enrolment for LungLB test studyAlliance
23.05.2023 07:00LLAIEnrolment completed for LungLB® validation studyRNS
15.05.2023 07:00LLAIBlock Listing Six Monthly ReturnRNS
04.05.2023 17:49LLAIResult of AGMRNS
02.05.2023 07:00LLAIConfirmation of AGMRNS
27.04.2023 15:49WTAN, TPK, SHIUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
06.04.2023 15:50LLAIPublication of Annual Report & Notice of AGMRNS
14.03.2023 07:00LLAIAppointment of Joint BrokerRNS
13.03.2023 12:18VRCI, SCLP, ROQSUMMARY: London listings with exposure to Silicon Valley Bank Alliance
13.03.2023 07:00LLAIStatement re. Silicon Valley BankRNS
07.03.2023 07:00LLAIHealth economics publicationRNS
27.02.2023 07:00LLAIData on cost-effectiveness of LungLB®RNS
20.02.2023 15:55LLAILungLife AI full-year loss widens; revenue plummets Alliance
20.02.2023 07:00LLAIPreliminary results for year ended 31 Dec 2022RNS
13.02.2023 15:42WIL, TSTL, LLAIUK earnings, trading statements calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
08.02.2023 07:00LLAINotice of ResultsRNS
07.12.2022 14:37LLAIHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
02.12.2022 20:39SRES, TOM, CATTRADING UPDATES: Sunrise secures funds; Bango launches e-distributionAlliance
30.11.2022 07:00LLAIFinal Pricing DeterminationRNS
30.11.2022 07:00LLAITotal Voting RightsRNS
15.11.2022 07:00LLAIBlock Listing Six Monthly ReturnRNS
03.11.2022 07:00LLAIDirector share purchasesRNS
17.10.2022 11:38LLAILungLife AI to take part in cancer detection research network Alliance
17.10.2022 07:00LLAIParticipation in National Cancer Institute’s EDRNReach
26.09.2022 13:38SAV, CMET, LLAIEARNINGS UPDATES: Devolver Digital and Jangada swing to interim lossAlliance
26.09.2022 07:00LLAIHalf-year ReportRNS
09.09.2022 07:00LLAINotice of ResultsRNS
02.09.2022 10:29LLAILungLife AI wins permit for lung cancer testing in New York Alliance
02.09.2022 07:00LLAINew York State approval for commercial testingRNS
16.05.2022 07:00LLAIBlock Listing Six Monthly ReturnRNS
11.05.2022 15:17LLAIResult of AGMRNS
04.05.2022 15:53WNWD, UPR, TRBUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
08.04.2022 07:00LLAIPublication of AR and Accounts & Notice of AGMRNS
28.03.2022 14:17LLAIIN BRIEF: LungLife AI widens loss in 2021 and sees annual revenue dropAlliance
28.03.2022 07:00LLAIPreliminary ResultsRNS
21.03.2022 15:46KGF, ORIT, LLAIUK earnings, trading statements calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
17.03.2022 21:02MOS, GIF, BKYTRADING UPDATES: SimiGon merger to go ahead; Segro launches green bondAlliance
17.03.2022 07:00LLAIVA sites in validation study; SAB appointmentRNS
08.03.2022 07:00LLAINotice of ResultsRNS
02.02.2022 07:00LLAIFirst patient enrolment for LungLB® studyRNS
04.01.2022 07:00LLAICPT® Code granted by American Medical AssociationRNS
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