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General Electric Company Fundamentals

Company NameGeneral Electric CompanyLast Updated2024-02-20
IndustrySpecialty Industrial MachinerySectorIndustrials
Shares in Issue1.088 bnMarket Cap$114.28 bn
PE Ratio13.16Dividend per Share$0.32
Dividend Yield0.3Dividend Cover24.94
EPS$8.36EPS Growth (%)0
PEG1.22DPS Growth (%)0
Debt Ratio0.1407Debt Equity Ratio0.7920
Asset Equity Ratio5.7051Cash Equity Ratio0.7933
Quick Ratio0.7883Current Ratio1.18
Price To Book Value4.1736ROCE0

General Electric Company Dividends

TypeEx-DatePay DateCurrencyNet DividendYear Total

General Electric Company Company Financials

Tangible Assets$12.49 bn$12.19 bn$15.61 bn
Intangible Assets$19.08 bn$19.11 bn$35.46 bn
Total Fixed Assets$103.25 bn$130.47 bn$132.48 bn
Stocks$16.53 bn$14.89 bn$15.85 bn
Cash & Equivalents$22.67 bn$23.42 bn$28.07 bn
Other Assets000
Total Assets$163.04 bn$188.85 bn$198.87 bn
Creditors within 1 year$50.88 bn$49.43 bn$51.95 bn
Creditors after 1 year$83.59 bn$104.51 bn$105.31 bn
Other Liabilities000
Total Liabilities$134.47 bn$153.94 bn$157.26 bn
Net assets$28.58 bn$34.91 bn$41.61 bn
Called up share capital$15.00 m$21.00 m$21.00 m
Share Premium000
Profit / Loss$10.19 bn-$799.00 m-$5.70 bn
Other Equity$27.38 bn$33.69 bn$40.30 bn
Preference & Minorities$1.20 bn$1.22 bn$1.30 bn
Total Capital Employed$28.58 bn$34.91 bn$41.61 bn
Debt Ratio$0.44$0.40$0.46
Assets / Equity5.70515.70515.7051
Cash / Equity0.79330.79330.7933
Cash Flow202320222021
Cash from operating activities$5.18 bn$5.92 bn$3.48 bn
Cashflow before financing-$3.43 bn$331.00 m-$41.92 bn
Increase in Cash$664.00 m$2.23 bn-$20.75 bn
Turnover$67.95 bn$58.10 bn$56.47 bn
Cost of sales$50.39 bn$44.27 bn$43.38 bn
Gross Profit$17.56 bn$13.83 bn$13.09 bn
Operating Profit000
Pre-Tax profit$10.19 bn-$799.00 m-$5.70 bn

General Electric Company Company Background

ActivitiesGE was formed through the combination of two companies in 1892, including one with historical ties to American inventor Thomas Edison. Today, GE is a global leader in air travel and in the energy transition. The company is known for its differentiated technology and its massive industrial installed base of equipment sprawled throughout the world. That installed base most notably includes aerospace engines, gas and steam turbines, and onshore and offshore wind turbines. GE earns most of its profits on the service revenue of that equipment, which is generally higher-margin. The company is led by Danaher alumnus Larry Culp, who is leading GE through a breakup of its businesses.
Latest Interim Date25 Jul 2023
Latest Fiscal Year End Date23 Jan 2024

General Electric Company Directors

2005-09-16Mr. Arthur H. HarperSenior Vice President
2015-11-05Mr. Brackett B. Denniston,IIISenior Vice President
2006-02-22Ms. Charlene T. BegleyVice President
2015-04-01Ms. Ann M. FudgeDirector
2005-12-31Mr. Benjamin W. Heineman,JrSenior Vice President
2023-12-29Ms. Catherine A. LesjakDirector
2005-10-28OConnor DanSenior Vice President
2009-04-01Mr. Claudio X GonzalezDirector
2006-09-12Mr. David L. CalhounVice Chairman
2007-09-17Mr. David R. NissenSenior Vice President
2016-04-01Mr. Douglas A Warner IIIDirector
2023-12-29Mr. Edward P. GardenDirector
2006-02-22Mr. Ferdinando BeccalliSenior Vice President
2006-02-22Mr. Gary M. ReinerSenior Vice President
2005-12-31Mr. Dennis D DammermanDirector, Vice Chairman
2022-05-02Mr. H. Lawrence Culp, JrDirector, Chairman and CEO
2016-04-01Dr. James I. Cash,JrDirector
2005-12-08Mr. James A. ParkeSenior Vice President
2019-04-01Mr. James J. MulvaDirector
2006-02-22Mr. James P. CampbellSenior Vice President
2022-04-01Mr. James S. TischDirector
2020-02-26Ms. Jamie S. MillerSenior Vice President
2007-02-09Mr. Jeffrey A. ZuckerPresident & CEO, NBC Universal
2012-09-09Mr. John Krenicki, JrVice Chairman
2018-01-02Mr. John J. BrennanDirector
2013-07-27Mr. John F. LynchSenior Vice President
2017-09-09Mr. John G. RiceVice Chairman
2013-09-13Ms. Kathryn A. CassidySenior Vice President
2005-03-31Mr. Kenneth G. LangoneDirector
2007-09-17Mr. Lloyd G. TrotterVice Chairman
2016-12-31Mr. Keith S. SherinVice Chairman
2023-09-03Mr. L. Kevin CoxSenior Vice President
2023-12-29Ms. Margaret S. BillsonDirector
2013-09-12Mr. Michael A. NealVice Chairman
2018-01-02Mr. Lowell C. McAdamDirector
2006-02-22Dr. Mark M. LittleSenior Vice President
2006-02-22Mr. Mark W. BegorSenior Vice President
2018-01-02Ms. Mary L. SchapiroDirector
2012-12-31Ms. Pamela DaleyVice Chairman
2023-12-29Ms. Paula Rosput ReynoldsDirector
2014-04-01Mr. Ralph S LarsenDirector
2022-03-01Mr. Peter J. ArduiniSenior Vice President
2007-11-02Mr. Phillip David AmeenVice President
2008-04-23Mr. Robert C. WrightVice Chairman
2017-10-02Mr. Robert W LaneDirector
2018-01-02Ms. Rochelle B. LazarusDirector
2016-04-01Dr. Robert J Swieringa PhDDirector
2006-04-19Mr. Shane FitzsimonsVice President
2023-12-29Mr. Stephen F. AngelDirector
2013-04-02Mr. Samuel A. (Sam) Nunn, JrDirector
2018-01-02Mr. Steven M. MollenkopfDirector
2023-12-29Mr. Thomas W. HortonDirector
2018-01-02Ms. Andrea JungDirector
2005-09-16Mr. William H. CaryVice President
2007-02-05Mr. William J. ConatySenior Vice President
2013-04-02Mr. Alan G. LafleyDirector
2018-01-02Mr. James E. RohrDirector
2008-05-01Mr. Joseph M. HoganSenior Vice President
2004-05-24Mr. Michael D. FraizerSenior Vice President
2006-02-22Mr. Michael E. PralleSenior Vice President
2024-02-14Mr. Michael J. HolstonSenior Vice President
2018-01-02Dr. Marijn E. Dekkers, PhDDirector
2004-02-17Richard F. WackerVice President
2004-02-20Mr. Robert A. JeffeSenior Vice President
2013-04-02Mr. Roger S. PenskeDirector
2006-02-22Mr. Ronald R. PressmanSenior Vice President
2006-02-22Mr. Scott C. DonnellySenior Vice President
2011-04-01Sir William M. CastellDirector
2005-09-08Mr. William A. WoodburnSenior Vice President
2006-02-22Mr. Yoshiaki FujimoriSenior Vice President
2006-02-22Mr. Paul T. BossidySenior Vice President
2023-01-03Dr. Risa J. Lavizzo-Mourey,M.D.Director
2004-04-01Mr. Andrew C SiglerDirector
2017-12-29Ms. Elizabeth J. ComstockVice Chairman
2018-01-02Dr. Susan J. Hockfield, PhDDirector
2019-04-01Mr. W. Geoffrey BeattieDirector
2008-03-15Mr. Walter F. IelusicVice President
2023-09-03Mr. Thomas S. TimkoVice President
2023-12-29Ms. Isabella D. GorenDirector
2021-09-06Kieran Murphy MScSenior Vice President
2017-05-15Mr. Jeffrey R ImmeltChairman and CEO
2018-01-02Dr. Peter Blair Henry, PhDDirector
2023-12-29Mr. Sebastien BazinDirector
2023-12-29Dr. Thomas EndersDirector
2015-12-31Mr. Daniel C. HeintzelmanVice Chairman
2017-11-17Ms. Jan R. HauserVice President
2017-11-06Mr. Jeffrey S. BornsteinVice Chairman
2017-09-09Ms. Susan P. PetersSenior Vice President
2023-03-31Ms. Leslie F. SeidmanDirector
2014-04-01Eliza W. FraserDirector
2019-01-31Mr. Alexander DimitriefSenior Vice President
2023-03-31Mr. Francisco D’SouzaDirector
2023-09-01Mr. Rahul GhaiSenior Vice President
2021-02-11Mr. David Leon JoyceVice Chairman
2023-12-29Ms. Jessica R. UhlDirector
2018-09-11Mr. John L. FlanneryCEO and Director
2023-03-01Mr. John Stephen SlatteryExecutive Vice President
2022-10-01Mr. Ashton B. CarterDirector
2019-02-10Mr. Raghu KrishnamoorthySenior Vice President
2023-09-03Mr. Scott L. StrazikSenior Vice President
2022-09-06Mr. Jerome X. PecresseSenior Vice President
2023-09-03Mr. Russell StokesSenior Vice President
2023-12-29General Darren W. McDewDirector
2023-03-02Mr. Happe Carolina DybeckSenior Vice President
2023-01-03Dr. Tomislav MihaljevicDirector

General Electric Company Contact Details

Company NameGeneral Electric Co
Address5 Necco Street, Boston, 02210
Telephone+1 617 4433400

General Electric Company Advisors

Phone+1 617 988-1000
Fax+1 617 849-6500
Phone+1 203 356-9800
Fax+1 203 352-2002
SolicitorGibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
AuditorKPMG Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler SA