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National Express Group PLC =

Deals on 13 August 2020

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
14/08/2020SEXRNEXNational Express Group PLCDean FinchRES302,567 @ 155.17p£469,496.00

National Express Group PLC Director Holdings

NamePositionAppointedShares ownedShares owned %Total value
John ArmittCH201324,5540.0000£552.47
Matthew CrummackNED20152,6960.0000£60.66
Chris DaviesED2017194,6910.0300£4,380.55
Ana de Pro GonzaloNED20194,3470.0000£97.81
Karen GearyNED201914,3470.0000£322.81
Michael McKeonNED201520,8690.0000£469.55
Christian MuntwylerNED201121,7390.0000£489.13
Elliott SanderNED20117,5210.0000£169.22
Ashley SteelNED201632,8700.0100£739.58

National Express Group PLC Director Deals

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DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
14/08/2020EXRNEXNational Express Group PLCDean FinchRES642,470 @ 0.00p£0.00
14/08/2020SEXRNEXNational Express Group PLCDean FinchRES302,567 @ 155.17p£469,496.00
29/06/2020SELLNEXNational Express Group PLCDean FinchRES272,891 @ 192.13p£524,305.00
29/06/2020SELLNEXNational Express Group PLCDean FinchRES117,686 @ 198.43p£233,524.00
25/06/2020SELLNEXNational Express Group PLCJohn ArmittCH6,000 @ 227.40p£13,644.00
11/05/2020PLACNEXNational Express Group PLCKaren GearyNED4,347 @ 230.00p£9,998.00
11/05/2020PLACNEXNational Express Group PLCDean FinchRES65,216 @ 230.00p£149,997.00
11/05/2020PLACNEXNational Express Group PLCJorge CosmenRES47,826 @ 230.00p£110,000.00
11/05/2020PLACNEXNational Express Group PLCJohn ArmittCH8,695 @ 230.00p£19,999.00
11/05/2020PLACNEXNational Express Group PLCMichael McKeonNED10,869 @ 230.00p£24,999.00
11/05/2020PLACNEXNational Express Group PLCChristian MuntwylerNED21,739 @ 230.00p£50,000.00
11/05/2020PLACNEXNational Express Group PLCElliott SanderNED6,521 @ 230.00p£14,998.00
11/05/2020PLACNEXNational Express Group PLCAna de Pro GonzaloNED4,347 @ 230.00p£9,998.00
11/05/2020PLACNEXNational Express Group PLCAshley SteelNED13,043 @ 230.00p£29,999.00
11/05/2020PLACNEXNational Express Group PLCChris DaviesED43,478 @ 230.00p£99,999.00
27/04/2020BUYNEXNational Express Group PLCAshley SteelNED4,411 @ 225.37p£9,941.00
20/04/2020TINNEXNational Express Group PLCDean FinchRES312,564 @ 0.00p£0.00
20/04/2020SELLNEXNational Express Group PLCChris DaviesED61,817 @ 242.35p£149,813.00
20/04/2020TINNEXNational Express Group PLCChris DaviesED131,261 @ 0.00p£0.00
20/03/2020BUYNEXNational Express Group PLCKaren GearyNED10,000 @ 97.29p£9,729.00
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